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Ape Escape

Ape Escape

1 Saison
QC:  G
Inclus avec un abonnement à :
  • CRAVE ( An )
Un singe super-vilain tente de se débarrasser des humains.
Aventures, Fantastique

  • G

  • QC: G


  • I Scream

    1. I Scream

    A hot day calls for ice cream, but leave it to monkeys to mess everything up.

    2m 30s An

  • Knock Knock

    2. Knock Knock

    Specter awaits an important package and puts the monkeys in charge of answering the door.

    2m 30s An

  • Chalkboard Jungle

    3. Chalkboard Jungle

    Jimmy takes a math test.

    2m 30s An

  • An Ape in the Neck

    4. An Ape in the Neck

    Specter has come up with a new way to take over the world: vampire monkeys.

    2m 30s An

  • Blubber is Blubber

    5. Blubber is Blubber

    Jimmy and the monkeys fool around on the high seas unaware of what lurks in the watery depths.

    2m 31s An

  • Monkey to the Nth

    6. Monkey to the Nth

    Natalie finds that it is awfully hard to study with monkeys around.

    2m 32s An

  • And a Side Order of Uki Uki

    7. And a Side Order of Uki Uki

    Jimmy, Natalie and the Professor run into some monkey problems while on their search for food.

    2m 30s An

  • Paint Brush Off

    8. Paint Brush Off

    The monkeys show us their artistic ability while painting Jimmy's house.

    2m 30s An

  • Laser Eyes

    9. Laser Eyes

    What happens when a pipo helmet cracks?

    2m 30s An

  • Ape Date

    10. Ape Date

    Natalie searches for a date to the school dance in order to make Rocky Jerkmyer jealous.

    2m 30s An

  • Sorry Wrong Monkey

    11. Sorry Wrong Monkey

    The monkeys show us their artistic ability while painting Jimmy's house.

    2m 30s An

  • The Almost Perfect Plan

    12. The Almost Perfect Plan

    Specter has the greatest world domination plan and the only thing that stands in the way are monkeys.

    2m 30s An

  • Him Can't Swim

    13. Him Can't Swim

    Specter goes to the pool.

    2m 31s An

  • Science Gone Bananas

    14. Science Gone Bananas

    The Professor's assistant drinks his newest experiment.

    2m 30s An

  • Size Matters

    15. Size Matters

    Specter runs into some problems when one of the Monkeys uses his latest experiment.

    2m 30s An

  • Clearin' the Pipes

    16. Clearin' the Pipes

    Jimmy has some pipe AND Monkey troubles.

    2m 31s An

  • Belly's Big Day

    17. Belly's Big Day

    The Professor goes to the gym to lose some weight.

    2m 30s An

  • For Sale By Monkey

    18. For Sale By Monkey

    Jimmy goes to the Monkeys in search of a new chair.

    2m 30s An

  • Banana My Love

    19. Banana My Love

    Can a Monkey truly love a banana?

    2m 31s An

  • Who's Your Daddy

    20. Who's Your Daddy

    Specter finds the son he never wanted.

    2m 31s An

  • Baby Monkey

    21. Baby Monkey

    The power of one lizard over the life of one Monkey.

    2m 36s An

  • Driving School

    22. Driving School

    Specter tries to teach a Monkey how to drive.

    2m 31s An

  • The Dematerialist

    23. The Dematerialist

    Jimmy tries to capture some Apes that can Escape from anything.

    2m 31s An

  • Babes in Arms Ways

    24. Babes in Arms Ways

    The Monkeys and Specter try to trick Natalie.

    2m 31s An

  • Vacation

    25. Vacation

    Specter takes a break from his world domination plans in order to relax.

    2m 30s An

  • Smile

    26. Smile

    Specter decides that he's not being taken seriously as a world conqueror because his teeth are dirty, so he goes to the dentist.

    2m 30s An

  • The Really Totally Expensive Clinic

    27. The Really Totally Expensive Clinic

    Natalie does not receive the service she expects at the clinic.

    2m 31s An

  • Jimmy Needs a Helmet

    28. Jimmy Needs a Helmet

    Concerned about his intelligence, Jimmy tries on a pipo helmet.

    2m 31s An

  • Jimmy Makes a Spector of Himself

    29. Jimmy Makes a Spector of Himself

    Jimmy gets a haircut that makes him look just like Spector.

    2m 31s An

  • Egg Head

    30. Egg Head

    Spector holds a contest to see who is the better assistant: monkey or chicken?

    2m 31s An

  • Bananaween

    31. Bananaween

    Spector finds he has nothing to give out on Halloween... except bananas.

    2m 31s An

  • Make a Burger

    32. Make a Burger

    Spector tries to play video games, but he needs to find a Player 2.

    2m 30s An

  • Time Machine

    33. Time Machine

    Could a simple monkey possibly destroy the space time continuum? Yes, yes he could.

    2m 30s An

  • Gnomes

    34. Gnomes

    The Professor takes Natalie and Jimmy camping, but Jimmy manages to get himself captured by Specter's gnome monkeys.

    2m 30s An

  • Stuck Together

    35. Stuck Together

    Natalie and a Monkey get stuck together until they can learn to be friends.

    2m 31s An

  • Wrong Master

    36. Wrong Master

    Jimmy wishes to learn Kung-Fu but ends up learning how to make Banana Splits.

    2m 31s An

  • A Brain is a Terrible Thing to Taste

    37. A Brain is a Terrible Thing to Taste

    Jimmy and Natalie find themselves surrounded by brain hungry monkeys.

    2m 30s An

  • Law & Odor

    38. Law & Odor

    The professor gets pulled over!

    2m 30s An

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