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Brody Stevens: Enjoy It!

Brody Stevens: Enjoy It!

1 Saison
QC:  13+
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The series takes an unflinching look at various parts of Stevens' life, including his public psychological breakdown and his journey back into the world of stand-up, culminating in the premiere of his episode of The Half Hour.
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  • QC: 13+
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  • Brody Stevens, Who Are You?

    1. Brody Stevens, Who Are You?

    Brody wants to reconcile with his estranged sister in time for their mother’s 80th birthday.

    21m 14s An

  • Breakdown

    2. Breakdown

    Brody stops taking his meds cold turkey and experiences a manic episode which rocks his family and friends.

    21m 19s An

  • I'm Sorry, Chelsea

    3. I'm Sorry, Chelsea

    Trying to turn his life around, Brody decides to apologize to Chelsea Handler for blowing up at her crew and walking out on his job.

    20m 51s An

  • Oklahoma Cupid

    4. Oklahoma Cupid

    After years of being single, Brody gets his mother to help him fill out an OK Cupid profile and goes on a blind date.

    21m 2s An

  • Nose Business Like Show Business

    5. Nose Business Like Show Business

    Determined to energize his career, Brody gets new headshots and bumbles his way through acting and improv classes.

    21m 22s An

  • Conan!

    6. Conan!

    Brody is on a mission to do his first standup set on television in 8 years.

    20m 47s An

  • What Nose Up... Must Come Down

    7. What Nose Up... Must Come Down

    Brody’s friends rally around when he plummets into a deep depression.Zach encourages Brody to volunteer at a soup kitchen.

    21m 17s An

  • Face Time

    8. Face Time

    Brody goes to a hypnotherapist to help him overcome his facial dysmorphia issues; then hires a matchmaker to help him get chicks.

    21m 8s An

  • Smoke And Believe

    9. Smoke And Believe

    Brody crashes the Hangover 3 premiere and reconciles with an old friend. Tension mounts with his crew over his pot use.

    21m 1s An

  • Jews And Samoans Rule Seattle

    10. Jews And Samoans Rule Seattle

    Brody and Teina revisit their old stomping grounds en route to mounting a live reunion show of their 1995 cable access program.

    21m 17s An

  • Boston Me Party

    11. Boston Me Party

    Brody travels to Boston to shoot his half-hour comedy special and interviews 17 other comedians who are there to tape their own special.

    21m 1s An

  • Born In The Valley, Hollywood Finale

    12. Born In The Valley, Hollywood Finale

    Brody dates a mysterious new lady friend and takes a trip to Miami. Brody invites family, friends, and guests to a birthday party.

    21m 20s An

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