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Lauren Riihimaki organise un concours avec de jeunes artisans.
Jeunesse, Télé-réalité, Famille

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  • It's My Party and I'll Craft if I Want To

    1. It's My Party and I'll Craft if I Want To

    Jonah, Annabelle, and Natalie dream up party concepts and creating themed invitations to match.

    25m 10s An

  • Petopia

    2. Petopia

    We hope Nicola, Zion, and Monroe like animals, because that's what their challenges are all about.

    25m 14s An

  • If The Shoe Fits, Craft It

    3. If The Shoe Fits, Craft It

    Khloe, JoJo, and Ethan channel their inner fashion designers to jump on eye-catching custom sneakers and a wearable, high fashion craft.

    25m 17s An

  • The Right Stuffed

    4. The Right Stuffed

    Tida, Brodie, and Iris face-off in a couple of super sweet challenges; incorporating bakery goods into edible masterpieces.

    25m 9s An

  • It's Lit!

    5. It's Lit!

    Spunky 12-year-olds Ava, Cooper, and Sasha must turn paper lanterns into unique, whimsical works of art.

    24m 24s An

  • New Backpack, Who Dis?

    6. New Backpack, Who Dis?

    Weber, Brooklyn, and Ceres plunge into two school-inspired challenges.

    25m 30s An

  • Treecycled

    7. Treecycled

    Aria, Max, and Clara think outside the box to create handmade plants and flowers.

    24m 33s An

  • It's Party Slime

    8. It's Party Slime

    Chuk, Suhani, and Lily have their work cut out for them with a sticky Quick Craft inspired by guest judge Karina Garcia, the "Slime Queen."

    25m 2s An

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Craftopia Trailer

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