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Dan Vs.

Dan Vs.

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A rude, crude, and scruffy curmudgeon named Dan tries to get revenge on anyone and anything that angers him.
Comédie, Animation

  • PG
  • Violence
  • Mature Themes

  • QC: 8+
  • Violence
  • Thèmes pour adultes


  • New Mexico

    1. New Mexico

    Dan has a grudge with New Mexico which leads to a road trip.

    21m 52s An

  • The Wolf-Man

    2. The Wolf-Man

    After the Wolf-Man attacks his car, Dan enlists non-believer Chris in his quest for vengeance

    22m 16s An

  • The Dentist

    3. The Dentist

    Dan is convinced his dentist is evil and enlists Chris to help him expose the fiend's secret agenda.

    22m 9s An

  • The Ninja

    4. The Ninja

    Dan discovers an unlikely ninja vendetta.

    21m 48s An

  • The Animal Shelter

    5. The Animal Shelter

    Dan vows revenge against the animal shelter because of the non-stop barking.

    22m 8s An

  • Canada

    6. Canada

    After a perceived slight by the nation, Dan enlists Chris on a quest for vengeance.

    22m 13s An

  • Traffic

    7. Traffic

    Dan gets into an embarrassing mishap and vows revenge on the city's traffic.

    21m 57s An

  • Ye Olde Shakespeare Dinner Theatre

    8. Ye Olde Shakespeare Dinner Theatre

    After an awful night out, Dan wants revenge.

    21m 56s An

  • Baseball

    9. Baseball

    Dan's favorite show gets preempted by the World Series.

    22m 7s An

  • The Salvation Armed Forces

    10. The Salvation Armed Forces

    Dan's car gets accidentally donated to charity.

    22m 9s An

  • The Beach

    11. The Beach

    Beach traffic is growing and Dan wants revenge.

    22m 14s An

  • George Washington

    12. George Washington

    A felled tree lands on Dan's car and he blames America's first president.

    22m 13s An

  • Technology

    13. Technology

    Dan has a painful first experience with computers.

    21m 59s An

  • The Barber

    14. The Barber

    Dan wants to make his barber pay for a bad haircut.

    22m 9s An

  • Art

    15. Art

    Dan targets an artist's career when his car is used as a canvas.

    22m 12s An

  • Elise's Parents

    16. Elise's Parents

    Dan plots to rid Chris of his in-laws for good when they hinder his time for fun with Dan.

    22m 13s An

  • The Fancy Restaurant

    17. The Fancy Restaurant

    Dan's beloved sandwich shop is replaced by a new restaurant.

    22m 2s An

  • Dan

    18. Dan

    A man finds that it is not so great when he steals Dan's identity.

    22m 13s An

  • The Family Camping Trip

    19. The Family Camping Trip

    Dan, Elise and her parents bring Chris on a camping trip.

    22m 15s An

  • Burgerphile

    20. Burgerphile

    Dan stages a protest after receiving poor service at his favorite burger joint.

    22m 12s An

  • The Magician

    21. The Magician

    Dan vows to expose a magician as a fraud.

    22m 9s An

  • The Lemonade Stand Gang

    22. The Lemonade Stand Gang

    Dan mounts a crusade against a group of local delinquents with Chris' help.

    22m 10s An

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