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"Detroiters" stars best friends and Detroit natives Sam Richardson and Tim Robinson as fledgling ad men in the Motor City. Lacking the resources to challenge the money, connections and talent of big corporations, the guys rely on relentless ambition to build a local advertising empire. And no matter what happens, Tim and Sam's love for each other and their city never wavers.

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  • Pilot

    1. Pilot

    Tim and Sam, two low-level Detroit ad men, try to secure a big ad campaign with Chrysler, resulting in disaster.

    21m 15s An

  • Hog Riders

    2. Hog Riders

    After a client inspires Tim and Sam to work less and live more, the guys buy a motorcycle.

    21m 8s An

  • Sam "The Man"

    3. Sam "The Man"

    Sam starts dating a local councilwoman who thinks he's a prostitute.

    20m 58s An

  • Devereux Wigs

    4. Devereux Wigs

    Tim and Sam try to convince an old Motown legend to sing a jingle for a local wig company ad.

    20m 48s An

  • Happy Birthday Mr. Duvet

    5. Happy Birthday Mr. Duvet

    Sam struggles to come up with a worthy speech to make at his father's 60th birthday party.

    21m 12s An

  • 3rd Floor

    6. 3rd Floor

    A new tech company moves into Tim and Sam's building, disrupting their daily flow; Tim's crush.

    21m 16s An

  • Smilin' Jack

    7. Smilin' Jack

    After getting fired by a furniture store client, Tim and Sam try to make an ad.

    21m 15s An

  • Dream Cruise

    8. Dream Cruise

    Tim and Sam's employees threaten to quit due to a lack of health insurance.

    21m 16s An

  • Husky Boys

    9. Husky Boys

    Tim's father ,“Big Hank,” unexpectedly returns from the insane asylum under suspicious circumstances.

    20m 15s An

  • Quick Rick Mahorn in Dearborn

    10. Quick Rick Mahorn in Dearborn

    Tim and Sam discover that the Chrysler executive they ran over has led a terrible life ever since.

    21m 18s An

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