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Fish The Dish

Fish The Dish

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Chef Spencer Watts cooks up some of his favourite seafood dishes in preparation for his new cookbook all about fish. His animated, high-energy personality shines through as he makes accessible, tasty recipes with sustainable fish and shellfish.
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  • Vinegar

    1. Vinegar

    How vinegar can bring out the flavors of walleye, lobster and crawfish.

    22m 5s An

  • Cocktails

    2. Cocktails

    Cocktails can be inspiration for cooking great seafood.

    22m 5s An

  • Cold

    3. Cold

    How to prepare cold dishes with arctic char and shrimp.

    22m 5s An

  • Wrapped

    4. Wrapped

    Have fun wrapping seafood to create delicious dishes with swordfish and shrimp.

    22m 5s An

  • Garlic

    5. Garlic

    Spencer Watts cooks up tasty haddock and escargot treats using garlic.

    22m 5s An

  • Seeds

    6. Seeds

    Chef Spencer Watts shows how much flavor seeds can add to sole and squid.

    22m 5s An

  • Peppers

    7. Peppers

    Spencer spices things up as he makes pepper-inspired dishes with catfish and clams.

    22m 5s An

  • Sweet

    8. Sweet

    Spencer dresses sablefish in a mole sauce that has a hint of maple and chocolate; lobster has its sweet side.

    22m 5s An

  • Fast Favs

    9. Fast Favs

    Chef Spencer Watts cooks up fast faves using scallops and trout, all done in under 30 minutes.

    22m 6s An

  • Fruit

    10. Fruit

    Chef Spencer Watts mixes the sweet flavors of fruit with fish as he makes dishes with salmon and scallops.

    22m 6s An

  • Dairy

    11. Dairy

    Chef Spencer Watts creates some dairy-infused dishes using red snapper and scampi.

    22m 5s An

  • Tart

    12. Tart

    Chef Spencer Watts creates recipes that combine sour and tart flavors with grouper clams.

    22m 6s An

  • Coffee/Tea

    13. Coffee/Tea

    Chef Spencer Watts demonstrates how a little caffeinated flavour can bring your fish dish to the next level.

    22m 4s An

  • Surf & Turf

    14. Surf & Turf

    Chef Spencer Watts shows how you can blend meat and seafood flavours to create tantalizing surf and turf dishes.

    22m 5s An

  • Whole

    15. Whole

    Chef Spencer Watts shows how cooking with whole fish and shellfish is an opportunity for fantastic flavour.

    22m 6s An

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