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High Maintenance Web Series

High Maintenance Web Series

1 Saison
QC:  16+
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Inspired by the HBO series, this web series explores the private lives of dozens of New Yorkers that all have one connection, their weed dealer.

  • 18+
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  • Mature Themes

  • QC: 16+
  • Langage vulgaire
  • Thèmes pour adultes


  • Stevie

    1. Stevie

    A routine trip, turns into a lengthy adventure.

    5m 31s An

  • Heidi

    2. Heidi

    A familiar couple receives a delivery, just as they make a shocking discovery.

    7m 19s An

  • Jamie

    3. Jamie

    Clients are looking for more than weed, when they find a mouse in their apartment.

    5m 37s An

  • Trixie

    4. Trixie

    Unruly subtenants, are stressing a couple out.

    7m 4s An

  • Olivia

    5. Olivia

    This is one contact the Guy doesn't want to deal with.

    6m 56s An

  • Helen

    6. Helen

    A customer doesn't seem very interested in buying weed.

    7m 1s An

  • Dinah

    7. Dinah

    A longtime friend visits. A secret is revealed at dinner.

    11m 28s An

  • Jonathan

    8. Jonathan

    The Guy offers support to a comedian who has a traumatic experience.

    9m 14s An

  • Elijah

    9. Elijah

    A chef needs a delivery made. Chaos erupts at a holiday dinner.

    10m 8s An

  • Brad Pitts

    10. Brad Pitts

    A woman calls for a special brand of assistance, when her friend receives bad news.

    9m 8s An

  • Qasim

    11. Qasim

    A guy seems to good to be true. The Guy has a Halloween delivery.

    15m 25s An

  • Matilda

    12. Matilda

    When The Guy's niece visits, he tries to juggle her and his clients needs.

    12m 50s An

  • Rachel : Writer's Block

    13. Rachel : Writer's Block

    A stay-at-home dad has writer's block, and gives The Guy a call.

    13m 22s An

  • Ruth

    14. Ruth

    The evening becomes hot, after The Guy sets up a blind date between two of his clients.

    18m 58s An

  • Geiger

    15. Geiger

    Existential anxieties plague a soon-to-be married couple.

    13m 38s An

  • Genghis

    16. Genghis

    The Guy offers some inspiration to a suit guy turned teacher.

    16m 28s An

  • Sufjan: Guy expands his delivery zone

    17. Sufjan: Guy expands his delivery zone

    A neurotic couple gets priced out of their neighborhood. The Guy is expanding his delivery zone.

    12m 46s An

  • Esme

    18. Esme

    A pot-dealer goes after her dreams of off-Broadway. The Guy is involved in a showdown.

    11m 45s An

  • Sabrina

    19. Sabrina

    The Guy visits upstate with some friends for the weekend, and brings along some magic mushrooms.

    19m 26s An

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