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MUNCHIES Guide To...

MUNCHIES Guide To...

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No more bad meals, or at least you'll have less of them. MUNCHIES presents a series of guides to eating in some of the best, most exciting, or most underrated food destinations around the world.
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  • Sweden

    1. Sweden

    From reindeer meat to fermented herring, Ivar Berglin explores the dishes that define Sweden.

    42m 10s An

  • Washington

    2. Washington

    Host Tarik Abdullah tastes the fresh and diverse flavors of Washington State.

    43m 55s An

  • Wales

    3. Wales

    Could Wales be the UK's best food secret? Charlet Duboc eats her way to the answer

    42m 8s An

  • Oregon

    4. Oregon

    Host Gabi Chai traverses Oregon to uncover the state’s natural culinary bounty.

    43m 58s An

  • Oaxaca

    5. Oaxaca

    Host Daniel Hernandez eats his way to the heart and soul of Oaxaca, Mexico.

    43m 55s An

  • Vegas

    6. Vegas

    Las Vegas native Braydon Szafranski explores the best to eat and drink in his hometown.

    43m 58s An

  • Bohemia

    7. Bohemia

    Prague native Hannah Saleh guides you through Bohemia for a Czech feast!

    42m 10s An

  • Basque Country

    8. Basque Country

    Basque cuisine in all its delicious forms, from fresh goose barnacles to crystallized fish scales.

    42m 9s An

  • Northern England

    9. Northern England

    Ben Ferguson travels to Northern England for the freshest fish and finest puddings

    42m 10s An

  • Berlin

    10. Berlin

    Kavita Goodstar explores the most delicious places and things to eat in Berlin.

    42m 10s An

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