Painting With John
Painting With John

Painting With John

QC: 8+
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Painting With John, is a new unscripted series written, directed by and starring John Lurie. Part meditative tutorial, part fireside chat. Each episode has Lurie, the co-founder of musical group The Lounge Lizards, at his worktable, honing his watercolor techniques and sharing what he’s learned about life. With images of Lurie’s paintings, original music and his point of view all rolled into one, the series strikes an irreverent tone while reminding us to prioritize some time every day for creativity, fun and a bit of mischief.


Cotes de maturité

  • Réalisateur

    • John Lurie
  • Acteurs

    • John Lurie
    • Nesrin Wolf
    • Ann Mary Gludd James
  • Scénariste

    • John Lurie
  • Producteur exécutifs

    • Adam McKay
    • Todd Schulman
Painting With John January 22 Movies + HBO
Part Meditative Tutorial, Part Fireside Chat