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QC:  8+
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  • CRAVE ( An )
In the inner computer world of Mainframe a guardian program sprite and his friends defend the system from threats from viruses and the User.
Action, Animation, Aventures

  • C8

  • QC: 8+


  • The Tearing

    1. The Tearing

    Megabyte threatens to harm Guardian Bob's new friends, Dot and Enzo, when Bob refuses to do him a mysterious favor.

    22m 31s An

  • Racing The Clock

    2. Racing The Clock

    When business is slow at Enzo's new delivery service, he secretly accepts a job from Megabyte to deliver a package to Hexadecimal.

    22m 31s An

  • The Quick & The Fed

    3. The Quick & The Fed

    When Bob lets Enzo handle Glitch, he accidentally partially deletes Dot, and Bob must get her Slow Food to reverse the effects.

    22m 31s An

  • The Medusa Bug

    4. The Medusa Bug

    Hexadecimal tricks Megabyte into releasing an unstoppable viral bug that turns every sprite in Mainframe into concrete.

    22m 32s An

  • The TIFF

    5. The TIFF

    An argument leads Dot and Bob to break off their friendship, but Enzo is determined to get them back together.

    22m 32s An

  • In The Belly Of The Beast

    6. In The Belly Of The Beast

    Frisket swallows an Unformat Command that belongs to Megabyte. In an attempt to get it back, Megabyte abducts Enzo.

    22m 31s An

  • The Crimson Binome

    7. The Crimson Binome

    Mainframe is raided by cyberpirates who take Bob hostage. Dot races the clock to catch the ship before they leave Mainframe.

    22m 31s An

  • Enzo The Smart

    8. Enzo The Smart

    Episode 8

    22m 31s An

  • Wizards, Warriors And A Word From Our Sponsor

    9. Wizards, Warriors And A Word From Our Sponsor

    Bob, Dot, Enzo and Mike the TV learn to work together when a group role-playing game lands on them.

    22m 31s An

  • The Great Brain Robbery

    10. The Great Brain Robbery

    Megabyte's new plan to break into the SuperComputer by taking control of Bob's neural interface goes awry.

    22m 31s An

  • Talent Night

    11. Talent Night

    Dot auditions acts for Enzo's surprise birthday show while Bob tries to keep Enzo busy until the party starts.

    22m 31s An

  • Identity Crisis: Part 1

    12. Identity Crisis: Part 1

    Dot loses faith in herself when an attempt to free a community of sprites from Megabyte's sector.

    22m 31s An

  • Identity Crisis: Part 2

    13. Identity Crisis: Part 2

    Fong temporarily distorts Dot's reality to show her what Mainframe would be like if she were nullified.

    22m 31s An

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