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South Side

South Side

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QC:  13+
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  • CRAVE ( An )
Two friends who just graduated from community college are ready to take over the world, but until then they're stuck working at Rent-T-Own.

  • 14+
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  • Mature Themes

  • QC: 13+
  • Langage vulgaire
  • Thèmes pour adultes


  • Xbox

    1. Xbox

    Simon and Kareme graduate from community college, but they’re still stuck in their dead-end jobs repossessing furniture for Rent-T-Own.

    21m 31s An

  • Sell Yourself

    2. Sell Yourself

    Simon and Kareme sell erectile dysfunction pills; Officer Goodnight has difficulties with his job.

    21m 30s An

  • Turner Buys A Building

    3. Turner Buys A Building

    Officer Turner is at odds with a civil rights icon in her building; Simon and Kareme sell popcorn.

    21m 30s An

  • The Day The Jordans Drop

    4. The Day The Jordans Drop

    Officers Turner and Goodnight guard a store that's selling Jordan sneakers.

    21m 30s An

  • Cold Cases

    5. Cold Cases

    Kareme and Quincy compete to see who can repossess more in one day; Bluto defends himself in court.

    21m 31s An

  • Mongolian Curly

    6. Mongolian Curly

    Officer Turner gets a new wig to impress her old high school classmates.

    21m 30s An

  • Chi-town

    7. Chi-town

    Officer Turner's father asks her to compete in a spades tournament.

    21m 27s An

  • -- Episode Name Required --

    8. -- Episode Name Required --

    Two friends and aspiring venture capitalists work at a rent-to-own store in Chicago.

    21m 31s An

  • Mild Sauce Meatballs

    9. Mild Sauce Meatballs

    Kareme propels Rent-T-Own to the next level with his tasty mild sauce meatballs.

    21m 31s An

  • Litcoin

    10. Litcoin

    Simon and Kareme invest in a new cryptocurrency called Litcoin.

    21m 30s An

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