Survivor's Remorse
Survivor's Remorse

Survivor's Remorse

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QC: 13+
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Cam Calloway is about to find out the price he'll pay for stardom, love and loyalty. A basketball star in his early 20s, Calloway's life changes after he signs a multimillion-dollar contract with a team in Atlanta. Feeling a responsibility to support needy family and friends, Cam wrestles with the rewards and pitfalls of sudden wealth and fame.
Comédie, Sports, Drame


Cotes de maturité

  • Acteurs

    • Jessie T. Usher
    • RonReaco Lee
    • Tichina Arnold
    • Teyonah Parris
    • Erica Ash
    • Mike Epps
  • Producteur exécutifs

    • LeBron James
    • Mike O'Malley
    • Paul Wachter
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