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The Goldbergs

The Goldbergs

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In the 80s, geeky Adam uses a video camera to document his family's crazy life. His mom is overprotective, while his dad finds it difficult to parent without screaming. The family's beloved grandfather is responsible for wild antics, which create more chaos.

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  • Circle of Driving

    1. Circle of Driving

    Hoping to receive a car for his birthday, Barry is shocked by what his mother gives him; Adam asks Pop for advice.

    21m 42s An

  • Daddy Daughter Day

    2. Daddy Daughter Day

    Erica's moodiness puts the family roller-skating tradition at risk; Beverly takes Adam school clothes shopping.

    21m 17s An

  • Mini Murray

    3. Mini Murray

    Barry goes to work at the furniture store with Murray; Adam and Pops struggle to keep a secret from Beverly.

    21m 29s An

  • Why're You Hitting Yourself?

    4. Why're You Hitting Yourself?

    Barry and Adam bond over the discovery of a TV channel; Beverly involves herself in her father's dating life.

    21m 15s An

  • The Ring

    5. The Ring

    Adam, Erica and Barry learn about Murray's romantic past while cleaning out the garage; Adam falls for his neighbor.

    21m 30s An

  • Who Are You Going to Telephone?

    6. Who Are You Going to Telephone?

    Beverly is disappointed when the kids have Halloween plans. Adam hangs out with 8th graders, while Barry and Erica go to a party.

    21m 22s An

  • Call Me When You Get There

    7. Call Me When You Get There

    After Barry disobeys his mother and gets in trouble, he takes Erica's advice to not tell the truth about his whereabouts.

    21m 30s An

  • The Kremps

    8. The Kremps

    Beverly invites the Kremps -- the all-American and seemingly perfect new neighbors -- over for a barbecue.

    21m 23s An

  • Stop Arguing and Start Thanking

    9. Stop Arguing and Start Thanking

    When Murray's brother visits, there is a surprise in store and Murray knows it won't end well.

    21m 32s An

  • Shopping

    10. Shopping

    When Erica gets a job at a department store, Beverly's bargain hunting dreams come true; Pops takes Barry and Adam to the racetrack.

    21m 32s An

  • Kara-Te

    11. Kara-Te

    Barry decides to sign up for the holiday talent show but is bummed when the school doesn't approve karate as a talent.

    21m 28s An

  • You're Under Foot

    12. You're Under Foot

    Pops criticizes Murray, and Adam gets excited when Dana Caldwell comes over to study.

    21m 29s An

  • The Other Smother

    13. The Other Smother

    As Beverly networks for Barry and Erica at the College fair, she runs into her nemesis, Betsy Rubenstone.

    21m 30s An

  • You Opened the Door

    14. You Opened the Door

    With their mothers in tow, Adam and Dana attend the school dance. Meanwhile, Murray talks to Barry about the "birds and the bees".

    21m 31s An

  • Muscles Mirsky

    15. Muscles Mirsky

    Erica ruins her newfound trust with Beverly when she sneaks off to a college party. Adam learns men and women cannot be just friends.

    21m 30s An

  • Goldbergs Never Say Die!

    16. Goldbergs Never Say Die!

    Adam is obsessed with the movie, The Goonies, and when Beverly's mother's jewellery goes missing, he bands everyone together.

    21m 28s An

  • Lame Gretzky

    17. Lame Gretzky

    Adam tries to impress Murray with his hockey skills, and Murray tries to enjoy watching Adam make home movies.

    21m 23s An

  • For Your Own Good

    18. For Your Own Good

    Murray flips out after Beverly replaces his favorite chair. Meanwhile, Adam is being bullied on the bus and looks to Barry for help.

    21m 27s An

  • The President's Fitness Test

    19. The President's Fitness Test

    Beverly gets Adam out of Presidential Physical fitness test. Meanwhile, Erica's pen pal visits and Barry tries to impress her.

    21m 31s An

  • You're Not Invited

    20. You're Not Invited

    Adam is excited for his laser tag birthday party since he plans to invite Dana for the first time, but Barry thinks the theme is childish.

    21m 31s An

  • The Age of Darkness

    21. The Age of Darkness

    When Beverly cannot console Erica after a breakup, Murray steps in to help his daughter. Barry becomes obsessed with a new arcade game.

    21m 29s An

  • A Wrestler Named Goldberg

    22. A Wrestler Named Goldberg

    Murray and Pops convince Barry to come up with an elaborate lie about him joining the wrestling team so an overprotective Beverly is duped.

    21m 30s An

  • Livin' On A Prayer

    23. Livin' On A Prayer

    Murray learns his high school free throw record has been broken, and Barry decides to throw a party but quickly loses the spotlight.

    21m 27s An

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