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The Half Hour

The Half Hour

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QC:  13+
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Comedy Central is shining the spotlight on some of the funniest and most unique comedians out there today with a new stand-up series filmed in Boston. Join Joe Mande, Theo Von, Garfunkel and Oates, and more for their first solo specials.
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  • QC: 13+
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  • Rory Scovel

    1. Rory Scovel

    Rory Scovel shares his enjoyment of Southern pilots, the delicate art of sex shop browsing and old person theft.

    20m 49s An

  • Michael Palascak

    2. Michael Palascak

    Michael Palascak explains the one time it makes sense for a parent to have their child on a leash harness.

    20m 49s An

  • Na'im Lynn

    3. Na'im Lynn

    Na'im Lynn susses out how to secure his ideal South African bride and how to avoid the perils of dating in L.A.

    20m 49s An

  • Neal Brennan

    4. Neal Brennan

    Neal Brennan explores the depressing nature of BBC news reporting and which parts of the male body are suited to erotic photography.

    20m 51s An

  • Brendon Walsh

    5. Brendon Walsh

    Nothing fascinates Brendon Walsh more than the post-coital thoughts of Fleshlight owners.

    20m 49s An

  • Nick Vatterot

    6. Nick Vatterot

    Nick Vatterott dissects life's great pleasures, like costumed drunks weeping on Halloween and responding to wrong number text messages.

    20m 49s An

  • Theo Von

    7. Theo Von

    Theo Von instructs his audience on starting new lives by texting random phone numbers.

    20m 49s An

  • Maronzio Vance

    8. Maronzio Vance

    Maronzio Vance struggles to maintain his happy place in a society riddled with rude mall kiosk girls.

    20m 49s An

  • Joe Mande

    9. Joe Mande

    Joe Mande tells tales of Twitter warfare with Gilbert Arenas and terrifyingly confident girls at his grocery store.

    20m 48s An

  • Garfunkel and Oates

    10. Garfunkel and Oates

    Garfunkel and Oates sing about Pat Robertson's animal husbandry theories, smug pregnancies and the orgasmic power of Go-Karts.

    20m 48s An

  • David O'Doherty

    11. David O'Doherty

    Dublin City's own David O'Doherty lays down sweet keyboard tunes about his unusual relationship with Shakira.

    20m 48s An

  • Jesse Popp

    12. Jesse Popp

    Jesse Popp asks important questions. How do you get a Bat House refund? Wouldn't Thomas Edison be useless in modern society?

    20m 52s An

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