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The President Show

The President Show

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Since being inaugurated in January 2017, President Donald Trump has been highly critical of the media and what he refers to as "fake news." In this late-night series, a fictional version of the president decides to bypass the mainstream media and address Americans himself by hosting this weekly show directly from the Oval Office. "The President Show" has all of the segments of a traditional late-night talk show -- desk segments, field pieces and guest interviews -- but they come from President Trump's unique viewpoint. Vice President Mike Pence (portrayed by actor Peter Grosz) serves as the president's sidekick. Comedian Anthony Atamanuik, who created the show, stars as President Trump.
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  • Keith Olbermann

    1. Keith Olbermann

    The most winning-est president in history sits down with journalist Keith Olbermann.

    21m 47s An

  • Dan Savage

    2. Dan Savage

    Dan Savage visits "The President Show" to tell Trump what a great job he's doing (presumably).

    21m 19s An

  • Linda Sarsour

    3. Linda Sarsour

    Linda Sarsour, co-chair of the 2017 Women's March, discusses activism and more in the age of Trump.

    21m 24s An

  • Deepak Chopra

    4. Deepak Chopra

    The smartest, handsomest president ever welcomes alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra.

    21m 20s An

  • S.E. Cupp

    5. S.E. Cupp

    The president goes on a journey overseas, shows off his souvenirs from other world leaders and chats with S.E. Cupp.

    21m 17s An

  • Dr. Michael Eric Dyson

    6. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson

    Dr. Michael Eric Dyson stops by "The President Show" to discuss race in America and more.

    21m 17s An

  • Evan McMullin

    7. Evan McMullin

    Former CIA operative Evan McMullin talks about the fake news surrounding the president's ties to Russia.

    21m 18s An

  • Bassem Youssef

    8. Bassem Youssef

    Comedian Bassem Youssef drops by the Oval Office to swap jokes with the president.

    21m 19s An

  • Matt Walsh

    9. Matt Walsh

    Actor, writer and comic Matt Walsh wants to see how politics works in the real world.

    21m 17s An

  • Matt Taibbi

    10. Matt Taibbi

    The president sits down with Rolling Stone reporter Matt Taibbi.

    21m 16s An

  • Joy Behar

    11. Joy Behar

    Joy Behar ("The View") visits "The President Show" to praise its very smart host.

    21m 19s An

  • Carole Radziwill

    12. Carole Radziwill

    Carole Radziwill chats with the Big Apple's greatest export: the president of the United States.

    21m 16s An

  • Ana Marie Cox

    13. Ana Marie Cox

    Ana Marie Cox of the New York Times Magazine stops by to chat with the leader of the free world.

    21m 17s An

  • DeRay McKesson

    14. DeRay McKesson

    Civil rights activist DeRay McKesson sits down with the president.

    21m 17s An

  • Nina Turner

    15. Nina Turner

    The president sits down with Our Revolution president Nina Turner.

    21m 18s An

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