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This American Life

This American Life

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National Public Radio's long-running documentary series makes the leap to TV, telling stories culled from all across the nation. Host Ira Glass and a team of filmmakers spend months on the road finding stories they think would be interesting to viewers.

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  • QC: 13+
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  • Reality Check

    1. Reality Check

    People try to make their dreams come true but sometimes fail.

    28m 35s An

  • My Way

    2. My Way

    A boy decides never to fall in love; a politician tries to win an election without telling a lie.

    27m 38s An

  • God's Close-Up

    3. God's Close-Up

    People try to get close to God through pictures in two segments.

    28m 25s An

  • The Camera Man

    4. The Camera Man

    Segments focusing on cameramen, including an animated short.

    28m 25s An

  • Growth Spurt

    5. Growth Spurt

    People try to positively change their lives through willpower.

    28m 1s An

  • Pandora's Box

    6. Pandora's Box

    Innovation yields surprising results for researchers.

    28m 20s An

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