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Ugly Americans

Ugly Americans

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QC:  13+
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  • CRAVE ( An )
Take New York City, add every beast, sci-fi freak, and faerie, shake, and you've got Ugly Americans. This animated series follows Mark Lilly, social worker at the Department of Integration, as he helps new citizens both human and "other" adapt to life in NYC.
Animation, Comédie

  • 14+
  • Language
  • Mature Themes

  • QC: 13+
  • Langage vulgaire
  • Thèmes pour adultes


  • Pilot

    1. Pilot

    Mark attempts to deal with his zombie roommate, demonic girlfriend, and Homeland Security's efforts to use his client list to win a ham.

    21m 33s An

  • An American Werewolf in America

    2. An American Werewolf in America

    Mark tries to deal with a werewolf integration case, but has more on his hands when Randall can't resist his zombie urges.

    21m 33s An

  • Demon Baby

    3. Demon Baby

    When Mark takes care of an abandoned demon baby, Callie finds herself suffering from strange maternal demon impulses.

    21m 33s An

  • Blob Gets a Job

    4. Blob Gets a Job

    Mark accidentally outs his roommate as a zombie; Leonard tries to identify a strange new creature.

    21m 33s An

  • Treegasm

    5. Treegasm

    Mark meets a pair of creatures who are expected to participate in a public mating ritual.

    21m 33s An

  • So, You Want to Be a Vampire?

    6. So, You Want to Be a Vampire?

    As the city contends with a bizarre epidemic, Mark counsels a young woman who wants to become a vampire.

    21m 32s An

  • Kong of Queens

    7. Kong of Queens

    Mark tries to help Randall, who has been severed at the waist and needs new legs, while counseling a giant ape with OCD.

    21m 33s An

  • Better Off Undead

    8. Better Off Undead

    Mark counsels Tim the two-headed worm creature and gives psychiatric evaluations to Department of Integration employees.

    21m 33s An

  • Kill...Mark, Kill

    9. Kill...Mark, Kill

    Mark tries to help Leonard with his wand issues, Twayne meets his soul mate.

    21m 33s An

  • Sympathy for the Devil

    10. Sympathy for the Devil

    Twayne suffers the consequences of his ill-advised bargain for a politician's soul.

    21m 33s An

  • Hell for the Holidays

    11. Hell for the Holidays

    Mark and Randall go down to hell to spend Halloween with Callie's family who have some special plan for Mark.

    21m 33s An

  • Trolling for Terror

    12. Trolling for Terror

    After Randall joins the cast of a sleazy reality show, the program’s unbalanced producer becomes obsessed with Mark.

    21m 33s An

  • Soulsucker

    13. Soulsucker

    Because of Mark's Zechalech gift, Callie is under the impression that he wants her to suck out his soul.

    21m 32s An

  • The Manbirds

    14. The Manbirds

    Mark adopts a baby Man-Bird that was separated from its flock, while Grimes tries to settle a blood-feud with their champion.

    21m 28s An

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