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4 Seasons
V, L, M
Based on the award-winning Québec series of the same name, 19-2 is a richly-nuanced and character-driven drama surrounding the daily lives of two unwilling partners of the Montreal Police Department, Officers Nick Barron and Ben Chartier.


  • School

    1. School

    A quiet shift goes awry when Nick and Ben are first responders to what turns out to be the worst call of their careers.

    44m 59s

  • Disorder

    2. Disorder

    In the aftermath of the school shooting, the squad copes with the trauma as it affects them in ways they never expected.

    44m 24s

  • Borders

    3. Borders

    After the arrest of a misunderstood homeless man and the retrieval of a runaway, Nick and Ben realize that not everyone can be saved.

    44m 49s

  • Tribes

    4. Tribes

    Nick and Ben draw the squad into a simmering feud with a squad of firemen. Small mistakes have permanent consequences.

    44m 23s

  • Rock Garden

    5. Rock Garden

    Amelie takes a chance on Ben, while Nick and Isabelle receive shocking news about Theo.

    44m 53s

  • Tables

    6. Tables

    The hunt for the mole takes a dramatic shift when Nick is pulled off patrol. J.M. & Audrey form an uneasy partnership when paired together.

    44m 36s

  • Property Line

    7. Property Line

    Housing evictions pit the squad against a community; Nick takes matters into his own hands when the mole investigation hits a wall.

    44m 23s

  • Babylon

    8. Babylon

    After an accidental death, violent protesters occupy an abandoned building and the squad must clear them out.

    44m 58s

  • Orphans

    9. Orphans

    Ben and Nick are called in for questioning in the murder of a pedophile and the true identity of the mole is revealed.

    44m 26s

  • Bridges

    10. Bridges

    With the mole on the run, the devastated squad turn on each other; Nick finally tells Ben the full truth about what he and Kaz have done.

    44m 40s