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American Loggers

American Loggers

2 Seasons
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A tough, rough-talking and self-reliant band of brothers battles long hours and harsh conditions deep in the woods of northern Maine, ferrying huge pieces of timber along an unpaved road in massive trucks.

  • PG


  • The Tough Get Going

    1. The Tough Get Going

    A wet start to the new logging season has the Pelletiers up against the ropes.

    43m 33s

  • Trauma on the Golden Road

    2. Trauma on the Golden Road

    Torrential rain continues to hammer Pelletier Inc.; a logger is struck by a one-ton log.

    43m 33s

  • The Heat Is On

    3. The Heat Is On

    A heat wave strikes Millinocket, sparking production; Rudy's crew strips an old bridge.

    43m 33s

  • Making Ends Meet

    4. Making Ends Meet

    Loggers try to cut 3,000 trees in a week but a damaged bridge shuts down trucking.

    43m 33s

  • Hell on the Road

    5. Hell on the Road

    The Golden Road sends truck after truck to the shop; Lester and Bone Crusher get trapped.

    43m 33s

  • Blood and Greenhorns

    6. Blood and Greenhorns

    The next generation of Pelletiers steps up to the plate as the future of the business lies in their hands.

    43m 32s

  • Operation Winter Cut

    7. Operation Winter Cut

    The Pelletiers move an army of men and machines to their winter harvesting site.

    43m 33s

  • Man vs. Mud

    8. Man vs. Mud

    Rainy weather and mud plague business; Jeff struggles to keep his cool as he oversees a hectic shop.

    43m 34s

  • Winter Strikes Back

    9. Winter Strikes Back

    A snowstorm catches the Pelletiers off guard; Eldon lashes out at Jeff for his lack of preparation.

    43m 33s

  • The Last Stand

    10. The Last Stand

    The Pelletiers try to double production to stay afloat.

    43m 33s