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Anger Management

Anger Management

5 Seasons
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Former pro-baseball player Charlie Goodson is in the doctor’s seat as an anger management therapist, treating a therapy group while dealing with his own anger issues.


  • Charlie Goes Back to Therapy

    1. Charlie Goes Back to Therapy

    Charlie decides to return to therapy after a bad run-in with his ex-wife's new boyfriend.

    21m 21s

  • Charlie and the Slumpbuster

    2. Charlie and the Slumpbuster

    Charlie deals with a ghost from his baseball days when a woman he slept with shows up as a patient.

    21m 25s

  • Charlie Tries Sleep Deprivation

    3. Charlie Tries Sleep Deprivation

    Charlie challenges his group to do 36 hours of sleep-deprivation therapy.

    21m 27s

  • Charlie and Kate Battle Over a Patient

    4. Charlie and Kate Battle Over a Patient

    Kate starts a war when she steals one of Charlie's group patients.

    21m 21s

  • Charlie Proves Therapy is Legit

    5. Charlie Proves Therapy is Legit

    Charlie falls for Jen's new business partner; Patrick asks Charlie to counsel his mother's ghost.

    21m 5s

  • Charlie Dates Kate's Patient

    6. Charlie Dates Kate's Patient

    Charlie starts covertly dating a brilliant coffee-shop barista who is a patient of Kate's.

    21m 25s

  • Charlie's Patient Gets Out of Jail

    7. Charlie's Patient Gets Out of Jail

    One of Charlie's patients from his prison anger therapy group shows up; Jennifer dates an ex-con.

    21m 21s

  • Charlie Outs a Patient

    8. Charlie Outs a Patient

    Charlie evaluates his involvement with his patients when he helps a patient hook up with a woman.

    21m 23s

  • Charlie's Dad Visits

    9. Charlie's Dad Visits

    Charlie gets a visit from his hypercritical father; Charlie attempts to help Lacey with road rage.

    21m 24s

  • Charlie Gets Romantic

    10. Charlie Gets Romantic

    Charlie and Kate's sexual episode leads to complications when he innocently asks her to a movie.

    21m 15s