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Animal Cops: Houston

Animal Cops: Houston

1 Season
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The dedicated team at the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, responds to a variety of distress calls involving an average of more than 100 animals per day. This series documents the work they do to help these animals in need.
Nature, Reality

  • PG
  • Violence


  • Kennel Seizure

    5. Kennel Seizure

    The Houston SPCA work to rescue over 50 dogs from a kennel that have been fed on rotting carcasses.

    42m 52s

  • Appaloosa Mare

    6. Appaloosa Mare

    Investigators seize a group of emaciated horses.

    42m 52s

  • Super Trooper

    7. Super Trooper

    Doctors at the Houston SPCA go to extremes to care for an emaciated horse and her prematurely born foal.

    42m 51s

  • Backyard Breeder

    8. Backyard Breeder

    An overbreeding dog owner tries to prevent the investigators of the SPCA from entering his home.

    42m 49s

  • Hurricane Ike

    9. Hurricane Ike

    Chief Investigator Charles Jantzen of the Houston SPCA and his crew prepare to rescue as many animals as possible following Hurricane Ike.

    42m 52s

  • Grumpy Wilma

    10. Grumpy Wilma

    Investigator Michielson receives a tip about two emaciated horses; Investigator Jantzen helps with the removal of a grumpy pot-bellied pig.

    42m 52s

  • Missing Puppies

    11. Missing Puppies

    A pack of dogs on the brink of turning feral are rescued from a deceased owner's property.

    42m 51s

  • Insulin Injection

    12. Insulin Injection

    An SPCA investigator is called out to investigate an animal cruelty case that involves a sick horse and hypodermic needles.

    42m 53s

  • Fred the Chimpanzee

    13. Fred the Chimpanzee

    A man keeps a chimpanzee in a tiny cell in his home; 10 cats must be caught at an abandoned home; a hawk smashes through a window.

    42m 52s

  • Liberty County Battle

    14. Liberty County Battle

    An abandoned dog requires a lot of care; after an argument with their owner, the police seize 4 emaciated horses and a calf.

    42m 51s

  • Slick

    15. Slick

    Thirty sick and injured dogs are rescued from a couple; two abandoned dogs need help; the barn team must take care of 100 fighting roosters.

    42m 52s