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Atlas 4D

Atlas 4D

1 Season
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State-of-the-art graphics and available 3-D viewing are the highlights of this series, which offers a riveting look at some of the iconic areas of the world. The 4D of the title refers to time, as the series uses history as well as technology to paint a picture of the regions being explored.
Documentary, Nature

  • PG


  • Great Rift Valley

    1. Great Rift Valley

    Discover the connections between the land, animals and people of the Great Rift Valley, and how it forced a human evolutionary step.

    43m 33s

  • Hawaii

    2. Hawaii

    Discover why Hawaii exists, how it affects a huge slice of the globe, and why the surf is always up.

    43m 34s

  • The Mediterranean

    3. The Mediterranean

    Discover how the Mediterranean gave birth to ancient empires, the earliest agriculture, and three of the world's great religions.

    43m 33s