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Before We Ruled the Earth

Before We Ruled the Earth

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Before We Ruled the Earth is an odyssey of evolution, from Homo ergaster in Africa at 1.7 million years ago, to Paleo-Indians living in North America at 11,000 years ago. Detailed recreations of hominid life over seven time periods bring the past to life.
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  • Hunt Or Be Hunted

    1. Hunt Or Be Hunted

    Homo ergaster scavenged to survive in Africa 1.7-million years ago; early humans developed tools, learned to communicate and control fire.

    45m 23s

  • Mastering The Beasts

    2. Mastering The Beasts

    Cro-Magnon struggled to survive against carnivores; early humans’ ability to adapt pushed them to the four corners of the Earth and beyond.

    45m 8s