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Big Love

Big Love

5 Seasons
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Bill seems like a typical suburban dad, except for the fact that he has three wives and nine kids. The polygamist has to juggle his families' needs while overseeing his casino, his political interests and reconnecting with his fundamentalist relatives.

  • 14+
  • Sex
  • Nudity
  • Mature Themes


  • Pilot

    1. Pilot

    Polygamist juggles demands of his business and his wives and children.

    57m 6s

  • Viagra Blue

    2. Viagra Blue

    Bill compensates for rising demands at home and looks for protection from Roman's henchmen.

    52m 19s

  • Home Invasion

    3. Home Invasion

    Nicki plans an extravagant birthday party for her son, Wayne.

    49m 36s

  • Eclipse

    4. Eclipse

    Bill searches for the answers to an unsettling dream; Barb gets a long-term teaching job.

    56m 27s

  • Affair

    5. Affair

    Nicki becomes suspicious of Bill and Barb's behavior; Marge befriends a neighbor.

    55m 51s

  • Roberta's Funeral

    6. Roberta's Funeral

    Bill makes Roman a settlement proposal; Lois sees an opportunity for promotion.

    51m 25s

  • Eviction

    7. Eviction

    Roman gives the Henrickson clan his answer to Bill's proposal; Barb uncovers Nicki's secret.

    54m 51s

  • Easter

    8. Easter

    Bill's household grows; Nicki learns that she is not alone in debt.

    52m 54s

  • A Barbecue for Betty

    9. A Barbecue for Betty

    Nicki drops a bombshell on Bill; Don falls for a woman named Betty.

    51m 26s

  • The Baptism

    10. The Baptism

    Barb gets an unwanted visit from her sister; Bill tries to infiltrate Roman's UEB Council.

    54m 4s

  • Where There's a Will

    11. Where There's a Will

    Barb is a finalist for Mother of the Year; the Salt Lake City Leadership League recruits Bill.

    54m 39s

  • The Ceremony

    12. The Ceremony

    Bill and Joey confront Roman at a UEB Priesthood Council meeting.

    48m 47s