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Blood, Sweat & Tools

Blood, Sweat & Tools

1 Season
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Five of Canada’s most inept home renovating couples come together as they compete for a $50,000 cash prize!

  • PG


  • Let There Be Tools!

    1. Let There Be Tools!

    Meet five hapless handyman duos from across Canada competing for a $50,000 grand prize.

    45m 52s

  • What's Up, Dock?

    2. What's Up, Dock?

    The teams must install a window. Chaos ensues as they cut holes into walls and precariously perch their glass and frame inside them.

    45m 54s

  • The Walls Come Tumbling Down

    3. The Walls Come Tumbling Down

    Safety is a theme in this episode, as the experts come down hard on participants for their sloppy (and dangerous) work habits.

    45m 52s

  • Thrown For A Coop

    4. Thrown For A Coop

    The teams patch a hole in the roof with shingles and waterproof membrane, design and build a teeter-totter, and herd a bunch of chickens.

    45m 52s

  • Lights! Paneling! Action!

    5. Lights! Paneling! Action!

    The teams take on insulating a wall, applying a vapour barrier and topping it with panelling, and installing a light fixture.

    45m 52s

  • That Sinking Feeling

    6. That Sinking Feeling

    The teams must install a stainless steel sink with a faucet and turn the water off (not necessarily in that order).

    45m 53s

  • Door-to-Door Service

    7. Door-to-Door Service

    With only 4 couples remaining, the teams must mount a new aluminum door on their cabins. Then, they must create a sign for their cabins.

    45m 54s

  • Chip Off The Old Cabin

    8. Chip Off The Old Cabin

    In this last episode before the grand finale, the four remaining teams combine everything they’ve learned so far.

    45m 54s

  • And the Winner Is...

    9. And the Winner Is...

    The final 3 teams are brought together for the grand finale – where the experts announce the winners of the $50,000 cash prize!

    46m 0s