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Bonacini's Italy

Bonacini's Italy

1 Season
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In a contemporary kitchen, chef Michael Bonacini prepares dishes with connections to the traditions of a region in Italy.
Reality, Cooking, Food

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  • Tuscany

    1. Tuscany

    Chef Michael Bonacini uses fresh ingredients found in Tuscany.

    22m 5s

  • Le Marche

    2. Le Marche

    Chef Michael Bonacini explores classic dishes from central Italian region, Le Marche.

    22m 6s

  • Puglia

    3. Puglia

    Pasta, bread, pizza dough – Chef Michael Bonacini makes delicious Apulian classics.

    22m 5s

  • Abruzzo

    4. Abruzzo

    Chef Michael Bonacini shows us diverse regional recipes from Abruzzo.

    22m 8s

  • Campania

    5. Campania

    Chef Michael Bonacini prepares dishes from the Italian region Campania.

    22m 5s

  • Emilia Romagna

    6. Emilia Romagna

    Chef Michael Bonacini makes the most popular dishes from the culinary heart of Italy.

    22m 5s

  • Calabria

    7. Calabria

    Chef Michael Bonacini explores diverse fare found in the Italian region Calabria

    22m 5s

  • Lombardy

    8. Lombardy

    Chef Michael Bonacini prepares traditional dishes from the Northern Italian region, Lombardy.

    22m 6s

  • Trentino-Alto Adige

    9. Trentino-Alto Adige

    Chef Michael Bonacini takes us on a culinary tour of Trentino-Alto Adige.

    22m 6s

  • Piemonte

    10. Piemonte

    Chef Michael Bonacini shares warm dishes from Italy’s Piemonte region.

    22m 5s

  • Umbria

    11. Umbria

    Chef Michael Bonacini shows us flavourful dishes from the rustic Italian region, Umbria.

    22m 7s

  • Sicily

    12. Sicily

    Chef Michael Bonacini explores dishes from the Italian island of Sicily.

    22m 6s

  • Liguria

    13. Liguria

    Chef Michael Bonacini cooks up classic dishes from Italy’s Liguria region

    22m 5s

  • Veneto

    14. Veneto

    Home to many popular Italian dishes, Chef Michael Bonacini explores cuisine from Veneto.

    22m 5s

  • Lazio

    15. Lazio

    Chef Michael Bonacini cooks up classic dishes from Italy’s Lazio region

    22m 6s