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Buying Alaska

Buying Alaska

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Buying Alaska proves that forgoing basic amenities is a reasonable tradeoff when it comes to breathtaking views and stunning wild surroundings that you can't find anywhere in the lower 48 states.

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  • Cabin Upgrade

    1. Cabin Upgrade

    Todd and Kristy need to upgrade to a bigger home with running water and electricity.

    21m 47s

  • Flip Flops to Snowshoes

    2. Flip Flops to Snowshoes

    Florida natives Michael and Miranda have just moved to Alaska.

    21m 46s

  • Log Homes and Saloons

    3. Log Homes and Saloons

    James and Erin are looking to make the remote outpost of Talkeetna their full-time home.

    21m 47s

  • ATV Required

    4. ATV Required

    Eric and Amanda are ready to buy their very first home in one of their favorite places to visit – Talkeetna, Alaska.

    21m 47s

  • Growing Up Alaska

    5. Growing Up Alaska

    Kane and Laci currently live in an apartment above their gym in Fairbanks, but it's not the Alaskan experience they're looking for.

    21m 47s

  • Rocks To Riches

    6. Rocks To Riches

    Alaskan natives Cole and Amanda are looking for a million-dollar dream house.

    21m 48s

  • Timber Fever

    7. Timber Fever

    Newlyweds Mike and Jen have always dreamed of living in a log home.

    21m 47s

  • Frontier Comfort

    8. Frontier Comfort

    Fairbanks natives Dave and Penny want to find a home on the river where they can enjoy their favorite outdoor activities.

    21m 46s

  • Mountain Homes and Domes

    9. Mountain Homes and Domes

    Kevin and Katelynn have toured all over Alaska but they keep coming back to the hillside town of Eagle River.

    21m 47s

  • Tundra Town

    10. Tundra Town

    Arizona natives relocate from the desert of Phoenix to the remote tundra of Alaska.

    21m 47s

  • Waterfront Wilderness

    11. Waterfront Wilderness

    Thane and Rose live off the land, hunting, fishing and gardening, and want a house where they can live an Alaskan lifestyle.

    21m 47s

  • Alaskan Beach Town

    12. Alaskan Beach Town

    There aren't any palm trees or tropical ocean breezes, but you can still live a beach life style on one of Alaska's three million lakes.

    21m 47s

  • Kenai Islands

    13. Kenai Islands

    Tim and Natalie rent a place on the Kenai River now but they've always dreamed of living in a home on one of the river's few islands.

    21m 47s

  • Lakes of the Last Frontier

    14. Lakes of the Last Frontier

    After living in their crowded B&B, Eric and Cynthia look for a new Last Frontier escape in Glennallen.

    21m 46s

  • Glacier River Homes

    15. Glacier River Homes

    A recently engaged couple who love the water and fishing look for a home in the town of Soldotna on the glacier-fed Kenai River.

    21m 48s

  • Home Improvement

    16. Home Improvement

    Gabe and Mikela want to upgrade to a bigger place with running water.

    21m 47s

  • Kenai Kabins

    17. Kenai Kabins

    Darien and Delana are looking to buy their first house near the Kenai River, but they can't afford to break the bank.

    21m 47s

  • Pilot's Paradise

    18. Pilot's Paradise

    Nicole and pilot Bruce have decided to leave the Lower 48 behind and make a new life up north.

    21m 47s

  • Frontier City

    19. Frontier City

    Roland and Tiffany want a home within 30 minutes of downtown Anchorage where they can still escape into the wilderness.

    21m 48s

  • Million Air

    20. Million Air

    Wes and Angela want to land a million-dollar dream home, but they can't agree on the location.

    21m 47s

  • Monster Trucks and Lakeside Cabins

    21. Monster Trucks and Lakeside Cabins

    Kane and Laci currently live in an apartment above their gym in Fairbanks, but it's not the Alaskan experience they're looking for.

    21m 49s

  • Trailblazers

    22. Trailblazers

    An ATV mechanic and his girlfriend look for a home with access to Alaska's epic backwoods trails.

    21m 47s

  • Glacier City

    23. Glacier City

    Karie moved from Kansas to Alaska to live out a childhood dream of building a cabin in the mountains.

    21m 46s

  • Dog Mushing Millionaires

    24. Dog Mushing Millionaires

    A couple who are entrepreneurs search for a million-dollar property in the Alaskan city,

    21m 46s

  • Secret City

    25. Secret City

    Unless you're flying over Alaska's isolated village of Seldovia, you may not even know it exists.

    21m 47s

  • Treehouses, Tents and Timber Homes

    26. Treehouses, Tents and Timber Homes

    Jeremy and Danielle are newlyweds who want to buy their first home in Homer, Alaska but they don't have a lot of money.

    21m 47s

  • Escape From Juneau

    27. Escape From Juneau

    Newlyweds who live in downtown Juneau want to find a property where they can relax.

    21m 47s

  • Gold Town

    28. Gold Town

    A couple want to test their adventurous lifestyle by looking for a remote wilderness cabin.

    21m 47s

  • Fishy Business

    29. Fishy Business

    A couple search to find a home that allows them to move away from a neighboring fish cannery.

    21m 47s

  • Rainforest Cabins

    30. Rainforest Cabins

    A couple with a budget of $350,000 search for a home in Juneau.

    21m 49s