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Delilah & Julius

Delilah & Julius

2 Seasons
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Two teen spies travel the globe stopping covert plots.

  • C8


  • The Underground

    1. The Underground

    A missing train full of foreign athletes lead Delilah and Julius to Ms. Deeds.

    22m 30s

  • Fun For All

    2. Fun For All

    Dr. Dismay is about to unleash a deadly virus on unsuspecting fun-seekers at an amusement park.

    22m 30s

  • Ice, Ice Baby

    3. Ice, Ice Baby

    The entire planet is plunged into the dark ages when the flirtatiously sexy, yet sinister Ice steals the world’s power.

    22m 30s

  • The Delilah Identity

    4. The Delilah Identity

    Delilah is suspected of being a mole in the academy, and must go undercover to prove her innocence.

    22m 30s

  • Mayans Ruined

    5. Mayans Ruined

    D&J head to Mexico to investigate a missing archeologist, and to solve the mystery of an ancient artifact with healing powers.

    22m 30s

  • All You Need is Love

    6. All You Need is Love

    Delilah becomes embroiled in a revenge plot involving her parents, a wrongly imprisoned agent, and a secret Navajo code.

    22m 30s

  • Project Greenthumb

    7. Project Greenthumb

    D&J head to the fashionable city of London to track down a top agent who has gone missing.

    22m 31s

  • The Ratings War

    8. The Ratings War

    Planet Earth News Network is taking over the airwaves, suspiciously scooping news stories before anyone else.

    22m 31s

  • Eye of the Storm

    9. Eye of the Storm

    To promote a sense of “oneness” (Al’s lexis), Delilah and Julius, Ursula and Emmet are notified that they are to switch partners, for...

    22m 31s

  • Saving Scarlett

    10. Saving Scarlett

    Scarlett has been kidnapped and there’s a bomb at the Academy and D&J discover that Wednesday is behind the sinister plot.

    22m 31s

  • Simple Minds

    11. Simple Minds

    D&J find themselves on a malfunctioning plane and about to crash on the remote “Happy Times Island”.

    22m 31s

  • Hunk Island

    12. Hunk Island

    D&J are sent to stop Wednesday Kertsfield, who has been kidnapping beautiful actors & models in order for them to compete for her affection.

    22m 31s

  • Batman of Borneo

    13. Batman of Borneo

    D&J and Nosey are sent to Borneo to find an antidote for a deadly virus unleashed through pre-programmed bugs.

    22m 31s

  • To Spy or Not to Spy

    14. To Spy or Not to Spy

    It’s Academy vacation, and much to Delilah’s disappointment, they are spending it at a ski resort.

    22m 31s

  • Last day of Christmas

    15. Last day of Christmas

    It’s Christmas, and the Academy is being held hostage by a mysterious new villain, and only D&J can pull a Christmas miracle.

    22m 30s

  • A Very Important Date

    16. A Very Important Date

    D&J go undercover at a dating service to find out who has been kidnapping the young rich and beautiful people in New York City.

    22m 30s

  • The Ringmaster

    17. The Ringmaster

    D&J are assigned to guard the precocious daughter of a workaholic and genius geneticist.

    22m 31s

  • A Dreamer Never Dies

    18. A Dreamer Never Dies

    Julius investigates a high number of comas in a hospital, and discovers that Dr. Dismay is stealing people’s dreams.

    22m 30s

  • New Ice Age

    19. New Ice Age

    Ice is back with a vengeance, this time with a formula that slowly freezes the earth’s oceans causing a new ice age.

    22m 30s

  • Paris to Dakar

    20. Paris to Dakar

    D&J are undercover drivers in the world longest car race to track down the smugglers of uranium.

    22m 31s

  • Game, Set, Match

    21. Game, Set, Match

    D&J go undercover as pro tennis players to protect an international tennis star.

    22m 30s

  • The Hunter

    22. The Hunter

    Temples across China are being robbed, and intel suggests an ex-GIB top spy is behind the robberies.

    22m 31s

  • Terror by Tarot

    23. Terror by Tarot

    D&J go undercover in New Orleans as World Historical Society agents to guard a three hundred year old voodoo death mask.

    22m 31s

  • All that Glitters is Gold

    24. All that Glitters is Gold

    Delilah goes undercover alone to stop an international group responsible for her parent’s disappearance.

    22m 31s

  • See How They Run

    25. See How They Run

    Klaus is determined to escape D&J’s custody, and Delilah is determined to find out the truth about her parents from Klaus.

    22m 31s

  • Heir Apparent

    26. Heir Apparent

    D&J discover that the GIB has shut down the Academy and jailed Al and Scarlett for treason.

    22m 31s