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Desert Car Kings

Desert Car Kings

1 Season
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The McClure family business has more than 10,000 rust-free vehicles parked at their 100-plus acre facility. But what really gets the McClures excited is finding cars to restore themselves, and sometimes they are located right on their lot.


  • Parts and Restoration

    1. Parts and Restoration

    The McClures restore a '65 T-Bird.

    43m 33s

  • Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxie

    2. Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxie

    The crew tries to find a horsepower engine for a 1962 Ford Galaxie.

    43m 32s

  • Drive Like a Champion

    3. Drive Like a Champion

    The crew scrambles to find rare parts for a 1950 Studebaker champion.

    43m 32s

  • Young vs. Olds

    4. Young vs. Olds

    Ron challenges Jason and crew to restore a 1970 Oldsmobile 442.

    43m 32s

  • Pickup Line

    5. Pickup Line

    A 1955 Ford F100 restoration gives the crew problems.

    43m 33s

  • Cuda Shoulda Woulda

    6. Cuda Shoulda Woulda

    An accident breaks a valuable part of the Barracuda; shop vs yard demolition derby.

    43m 32s

  • Chevelle SS

    7. Chevelle SS

    Jason finds out that the 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle he bought is a rare SS model.

    43m 31s

  • Caddy Shock

    8. Caddy Shock

    The crew tries to get a 1950 Cadillac going; Route 66 renovation gives Ron a change of heart.

    43m 30s

  • Pontiac GTO

    9. Pontiac GTO

    Desert Valley is invited to Russo & Stelle auction; Ron and Jason bring out the Pontiac GTO.

    43m 31s

  • Charger Showdown

    10. Charger Showdown

    The crew restores a '69 Dodge Charger.

    43m 33s