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Discovery Atlas

Discovery Atlas

1 Season
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A celebration of culture, diversity, and geography, Discovery Atlas showcases countries in beautiful HD splendour.

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  • Italy Revealed

    1. Italy Revealed

    Italy is a place of spectacular contrasts: a land stretching from the snowcapped peaks of the Alps to the sunbaked beaches of Sicily.

    1h 39m 54s

  • Brazil Revealed

    2. Brazil Revealed

    Plunge into this vibrant country and discover that the native people are just as interesting and colourful as the land itself.

    1h 31m 38s

  • Australia Revealed

    3. Australia Revealed

    In Australia, join a cattle roundup, dig for gold and opals, and explore the cultural pursuit of cane toad racing.

    1h 39m 58s

  • South Africa Revealed

    4. South Africa Revealed

    Explore South Africa through the eyes of its people, who all work to make their country succeed and carry the hopes of future generations.

    43m 31s

  • Egypt Revealed

    5. Egypt Revealed

    Journey through Egypt, from the Sahara to the Nile, from the land of the pharaohs to the streets of Cairo.

    43m 31s

  • Russia Revealed

    6. Russia Revealed

    Journey through Russia, from St. Petersburg to Siberian reindeer herders, from the beautiful east to the nightlife of modern Moscow.

    43m 31s