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Escape at Dannemora

Escape at Dannemora

1 Season
V, L, N, M
An employee at a prison in upstate New York becomes romantically involved with a pair of inmates and helps them escape.
Drama, Crime
New Episode Weekly
Sunday 10E / 7P


  • Part 1

    1. Part 1

    After the June 2015 prison break from Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora Tilly is questioned about her involvement with the two men.

    1h 3m 40s

  • Part 2

    2. Part 2

    Matt has an idea to get out of Dannemora.

    51m 2s

  • Part 3

    3. Part 3

    Tilly begins to feel guilty about her mounting indiscretions.

    59m 18s

  • Part 4

    4. Part 4

    Sweat makes progress on the escape route.

    57m 47s

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Escape at Dannemora Trailer

Escape at Dannemora Trailer

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