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Facing Evil With Candice Delong

Facing Evil With Candice Delong

1 Season
V, M
AVAILABLE UNTIL MARCH 25. Former FBI criminal profiler Candice DeLong interviews real femmes fatales whose stories have been featured on "Deadly Women."
Crime, Reality, Documentary


  • Horseplay and Hired Guns

    1. Horseplay and Hired Guns

    Investigators find evidence of foul play after a man is found trampled to death in his horse barn.

    21m 36s

  • Fatal Fortune Hunter

    2. Fatal Fortune Hunter

    Man is shot; police suspect his wife's lover.

    21m 35s

  • A Nail in the Coffin

    3. A Nail in the Coffin

    Relationships with dangerous men.

    21m 35s

  • Homicidal Honeymooner

    4. Homicidal Honeymooner

    Woman says her husband told her to kill.

    21m 35s

  • The Black Widow Bride

    5. The Black Widow Bride

    Married more than 10 times, Jill Coit is serving time for the murder of ex-husband Gerald Boggs.

    21m 35s

  • Teenage Terror

    6. Teenage Terror

    Rivalry over a boy turns deadly.

    21m 36s