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Full Circle

Full Circle

2 Seasons
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Full Circle sees lovers, mothers, fathers, friends, clients, teachers and students share intimate moments, whilst revealing how their lives intertwine and intersect until they come to a devastating and shocking conclusion.

  • 14+
  • Language
  • Mature Themes


  • Jimmy and Richie

    1. Jimmy and Richie

    Richie coaxes his old friend Jimmy out of hiding to make him an offer on behalf of Jimmy's incarcerated ex-father in law, Bud.

    27m 59s

  • Richie and Shelly

    2. Richie and Shelly

    Richie attempts to enlist Shelly, Jimmy's ex-wife, into helping get Jimmy to work for Bud's crew again to save both of their lives.

    27m 49s

  • Shelly and Katie

    3. Shelly and Katie

    Shelly tells Katie the truth about Jimmy and Bud's past.

    25m 17s

  • Katie and Paulie

    4. Katie and Paulie

    Katie tries to convince Paulie that the police force he joined is corrupt and he needs to go to the Feds.

    25m 14s

  • Paulie and Phil

    5. Paulie and Phil

    Paulie wears a wire while out having drinks with Phil and tries to get a confession out of him.

    27m 5s

  • Phil and Ellen

    6. Phil and Ellen

    Ellen confronts Phil about his partner Paulie working with the FBI.

    29m 13s

  • Ellen and Ken

    7. Ellen and Ken

    Ellen pressures Ken to take the next step in their relationship.

    28m 46s

  • Ken and Vera

    8. Ken and Vera

    Vera informs Ken there's a mole in his operation.

    27m 30s

  • Vera and Bud

    9. Vera and Bud

    Fresh out of jail, Bud goes on a date with Vera and tells her revenge on Jimmy is still on his mind.

    27m 54s

  • Bud and Jimmy

    10. Bud and Jimmy

    Bud and Jimmy have their final confrontation at an Irish wake that ends their feud for good.

    28m 32s