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Gator Boys

Gator Boys

2 Seasons
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Meet Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle - two men who defy death capturing alligators with their bare hands. This series follows every crazy adventure and sticky situation the duo encounter.
Reality, Nature

  • PG
  • Mature Themes


  • Mud Gator Attacks

    1. Mud Gator Attacks

    Paul and Jimmy are determined to capture an eight-toed alligator before it is killed by a rival trapper.

    42m 19s

  • Alligator Rampage

    2. Alligator Rampage

    Paul and Jimmy clash over Jimmy's goal to expand the Gator Boys Rescue Operation to include traveling alligator wrestling shows.

    42m 10s

  • Mama Gator Mayhem

    3. Mama Gator Mayhem

    During a hatchling hunt, an explosive mother gator is determined to fight to the death to protect her young.

    42m 9s

  • Stormin' Gators

    4. Stormin' Gators

    Torrential rains make the capturing gators hazardous; when Ashley endangers her life in the gator pit, Jimmy accuses Chris of poor training.

    42m 10s

  • Gators Gone Rogue

    5. Gators Gone Rogue

    Jimmy hits the road with the best volunteers, leaving Paul with only Scott to help him catch treacherous gators and snakes.

    42m 8s

  • Horse-Devouring Gator

    6. Horse-Devouring Gator

    Paul and Jimmy capture gators at a playground, a garage and a housing development.

    42m 9s

  • Gators Gone Wild

    7. Gators Gone Wild

    A gig with swimsuit models and alligators makes Paul and Jimmy worry about the company's reputation.

    42m 17s

  • Alligator Face-Off

    8. Alligator Face-Off

    A research project requires blood samples taken from a 600-lb. gator, but the window of opportunity is only three minutes.

    42m 10s

  • Warrior Gator

    9. Warrior Gator

    A triple-amputee veteran gets a chance to wrestle an alligator.

    42m 10s

  • Love at First Bite

    10. Love at First Bite

    Paul pulls a prank on Ashley and Chris; the crew have their hands full with four large gators.

    42m 9s

  • No Time for Gators

    11. No Time for Gators

    Jimmy's preoccupation with road shows and romance create friction with Paul, who attempts to rescue a gator buried under debris.

    42m 9s

  • See You Later, Alligators

    12. See You Later, Alligators

    The guys could lose their headquarters when the future of the Everglades Holiday Park is in doubt.

    42m 9s