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God Friended Me

God Friended Me

1 Season
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Miles Finer is an outspoken atheist whose life is turned upside down when he receives a friend request on social media from God and unwittingly becomes an agent of change in the lives and destinies of others around him. After repeated pokes by God, Miles' curiosity takes over, and he accepts the ultimate friend request and follows the signs to Cara Bloom, an online journalist. Brought together by the mysterious account, the two find themselves investigating God's friend suggestions and inadvertently helping others in need. Miles is set on getting to the bottom of what he believes is an elaborate hoax, but in the meantime he'll play along and, in the process, change his life forever.
Comedy, Drama

  • PG


  • Pilot

    1. Pilot

    An atheist’s life is turned upside down when he receives a friend request from God and becomes an agent of change, on the series debut.

    43m 20s

  • The Good Samaritan

    2. The Good Samaritan

    The God Account suggests that Miles befriends a single mother, and Cara tries to build a relationship with her estranged mom.

    43m 2s

  • Heavenly Taco Truck

    3. Heavenly Taco Truck

    Miles turns the tables on the God Account by using the latest friend suggestion to investigate who is behind it.

    42m 57s

  • Error Code 1.61

    4. Error Code 1.61

    Suggestions from the God Account lead Miles and Cara to a Planetarium, where they meet a woman who is searching for her old boyfriend.

    42m 59s

  • Unfriended

    5. Unfriended

    The God account unfriends Miles after he’s reluctant to act on the latest friend suggestion; Cara reconnects with her ex-boyfriend.

    43m 22s

  • A House Divided

    6. A House Divided

    Miles is sent a friend suggestion for a cab driver who is opposed to his daughter marrying outside their faith.

    43m 25s

  • The Prodigal Son

    7. The Prodigal Son

    Miles is forced to face uncomfortable truths about his family when the God Account points him toward his Uncle Terrance.

    43m 25s

  • Matthew 621

    8. Matthew 621

    The God account sends Miles the profile of a lawyer who died six months ago, leading him, Cara and Rakesh to dig into the man’s past.

    42m 57s

  • King's Gambit

    9. King's Gambit

    P.I. Ray helps the team when Miles is sent a friend suggestion for a chess star who vanished after losing a match to his rival 10 years ago.

    41m 42s

  • Coney Island Cyclone

    10. Coney Island Cyclone

    When the God Account sends Miles one of Arthur’s parishioners who just lost his wife, the similarities to their own loss reopens old wounds.

    43m 10s

  • 17 Years

    11. 17 Years

    Miles is shocked and angered when the God Account sends him the name of the drunk driver who killed his mother 17 years earlier.

    42m 49s

  • Ready Player Two

    12. Ready Player Two

    Miles turns to his dad when he learns that his latest friend suggestion was adopted after being dropped off at Arthur’s church as a baby.

    42m 24s

  • Miracle on 123rd Street

    13. Miracle on 123rd Street

    Miles is shocked when the God Account sends him 76 simultaneous friend suggestions; Rakesh receives surprising news at work.

    40m 48s

  • The Trouble With The Curve

    14. The Trouble With The Curve

    Miles reconnects with his high school baseball teammate when he gets a friend suggestion for a player his old friend is coaching.

    43m 17s

  • Two Guys, a Girl, and a Thai Food Place

    15. Two Guys, a Girl, and a Thai Food Place

    While Miles and Cara help a woman who fell into a coma the night before her wedding, Rakesh comes face to face with tech CEO Simon Hayes.

    43m 6s

  • Scenes From an Italian Restaurant

    16. Scenes From an Italian Restaurant

    The God Account sends Miles and Cara the name of a sous chef whose dreams of opening her own restaurant are in danger of falling apart.

    43m 21s

  • The Dragon Slayer

    17. The Dragon Slayer

    Miles gets an offer to take his podcast mainstream, but Cara is faced with a choice to further her career that could risk his opportunity.

    43m 6s

  • Return to Sender

    18. Return to Sender

    Miles reunites with John Dove, his first friend suggestion, after Rakesh discovers a connection between Dove and Simon Hayes.

    43m 28s

  • The Road to Damascus

    19. The Road to Damascus

    Arthur joins Miles on a road trip upstate after the God Account checks into a shut-down summer camp; Cara makes a career-altering decision.

    43m 7s

  • Que Sera Sera

    20. Que Sera Sera

    Miles, Cara and Rakesh come face to face with Henry Chase when the God Account sends Miles Simon Hayes' name, on the season finale.

    43m 23s