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Gold Rush: South America

Gold Rush: South America

1 Season
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Crew leaders Todd Hoffman, Fred Hurt and Parker Schnabel take their operations to extremes to find new gold-rich ground during the off-season, pursuing an international venture in South America.

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  • Peruvian Gold

    1. Peruvian Gold

    After quitting mining in the Klondike, Todd sets his sights on South America and flies his crew to Peru.

    41m 59s

  • Chilean Gold

    2. Chilean Gold

    The Hoffman crew flies to Chile in hopes of getting a slice of the country's 3,750 tons of untapped gold reserves.

    42m 36s

  • Guyanese Gold

    3. Guyanese Gold

    The Hoffman crew heads to the jungles of Guyana after striking out in their hunt for South American gold in Chile and Peru.

    42m 32s

  • The Frozen North

    4. The Frozen North

    Parker Schnabel sets up his own operation in the Klondike; in Alaska, the Dakota boys seek a way to the source of the Porcupine Creek gold.

    42m 49s

  • Ends of the Earth

    5. Ends of the Earth

    The production crew suffers dangerous mountain passes, unstable riverboats and an upturned car in a dangerous fast-flowing river.

    42m 37s