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Here and Now

Here and Now

1 Season
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A multi-racial family made up of a husband, a wife, three adopted children from Somalia, Vietnam and Colombia, and one biological child, finds its bonds tested.

  • 14+
  • Language
  • Nudity
  • Mature Themes


  • Eleven Eleven

    1. Eleven Eleven

    A perfect family shows some of its cracks as the father's birthday party approaches.

    59m 22s

  • It's Coming

    2. It's Coming

    Ramon and Shokrani explore a psychic connection; Kristen and Ashley run afoul of the law.

    57m 2s

  • If a Deer Sh**s in the Woods

    3. If a Deer Sh**s in the Woods

    Greg gets detoured on the way to an ethics convention.

    58m 38s

  • Hide and Seek

    4. Hide and Seek

    Greg and Audrey look for funding; Layla bristles over Farid's behavior.

    56m 48s

  • From Sun Up to Sun Down

    5. From Sun Up to Sun Down

    Farid is troubled by his connection to Ramon; Audrey is enlightened.

    56m 39s

  • Fight, Death

    6. Fight, Death

    Ramon is rocked by a disturbing revelation; Audrey makes a pitch to a wealthy friend.

    56m 55s

  • Wake

    7. Wake

    Ramon makes waves at a gaming expo; Duc's frustrations rise to the surface.

    57m 15s

  • Yes

    8. Yes

    Rebuffed by Ramon, Farid finds his growing obsessions disrupting his career.

    51m 56s

  • Dream Logic

    9. Dream Logic

    Greg and Audrey uncover unpleasant truths about Ramon's adoption.

    58m 4s

  • It's Here

    10. It's Here

    Season finale. Ramon goes missing; Farid is driven to extremes.

    57m 6s