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I'm Alive

I'm Alive

2 Seasons
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Featuring the death-defying and moving stories of people who — regardless of the obstacles or consequences — were determined to survive an animal attack.

  • PG
  • Violence
  • Mature Themes


  • Living Nightmare

    1. Living Nightmare

    A farmer is bitten by a spitting cobra; a teenager is mauled by a black bear.

    43m 5s

  • Trial by Fire

    2. Trial by Fire

    A young boy is stung by hundreds of ants; a game ranger is attacked by a lioness.

    43m 2s

  • Death Wish

    3. Death Wish

    An elephant flips the truck of a wildlife specialist; a ten-year old must save his father after he is bitten by a snake.

    43m 3s

  • Eaten Alive

    4. Eaten Alive

    In Hawaii, a surfer loses a leg to a tiger shark; a hunter tries to escape a black bear.

    43m 0s

  • Ambushed

    5. Ambushed

    A teenager is bitten while surfing; a boy is attacked by a grizzly bear.

    43m 2s

  • Sacrifice

    6. Sacrifice

    Two friends are bitten by a snake; a father is mauled by a bull hippo.

    43m 1s

  • Guardians

    7. Guardians

    A boy on a camping trip is mauled by a cougar and nearly bleeds to death; a man is bitten by a deadly spider in Australia.

    43m 2s

  • One Last Shot

    8. One Last Shot

    A Florida woman faces losing her arms after being bitten by a cottonmouth snake on both hands.

    43m 2s

  • Out of Reach

    9. Out of Reach

    Sailors become stranded in the ocean after a humpback whale crashes into their boat; a deadly snake bites an American student in Guatemala.

    43m 1s

  • Reborn

    10. Reborn

    A teen is bitten by a bat with rabies; a man is attacked by a great white shark on Christmas and nearly bleeds to death.

    43m 1s

  • Hidden Danger

    11. Hidden Danger

    A hunter struggles through miles of dark woods in search of help after being attacked by three grizzly bears.

    43m 2s

  • Resurrection

    12. Resurrection

    A teenage surfer is knocked from his board and ferociously attacked by a great white shark.

    43m 2s