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In Treatment

In Treatment

3 Seasons
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Middle-aged psychologist Paul Weston confronts some uneasy truths about his own life while conducting therapy sessions with his patients. Based on an award-winning Israeli television series, each episode focuses on one specific patient.

  • PG
  • Language
  • Sex
  • Mature Themes


  • Laura: Week One

    1. Laura: Week One

    A young doctor shocks Paul by revealing the real motives behind her sordid bar encounter with a stranger.

    29m 10s

  • Alex: Week One

    2. Alex: Week One

    An intense Navy pilot tests Paul's credentials while recounting the unfortunate events in Iraq that drove him into therapy.

    27m 29s

  • Sophie: Week One

    3. Sophie: Week One

    A young gymnast requests Paul's professional opinion on an insurance report detailing her recent accident.

    27m 11s

  • Jake and Amy: Week One

    4. Jake and Amy: Week One

    A couple, who have bickered for weeks about an abortion, corner Paul.

    25m 22s

  • Paul and Gina: Week One

    5. Paul and Gina: Week One

    Paul worries that he is losing patience and visits the retired therapist he has not seen in nearly 10 years.

    29m 28s

  • Laura: Week Two

    6. Laura: Week Two

    Paul is surprised by unexpected news about Laura's boyfriend.

    26m 37s

  • Alex: Week Two

    7. Alex: Week Two

    Alex discusses his return to the bombing scene and reveals issues he has with his wife.

    27m 33s

  • Sophie: Week Two

    8. Sophie: Week Two

    Sophie vents about her parents and her team; Paul offers a psychological opinion.

    28m 42s

  • Jake and Amy: Week Two

    9. Jake and Amy: Week Two

    After the abrupt end to Jake and Amy's session, Paul's wife forces him to confront the realities of their marriage.

    26m 49s

  • Paul and Gina: Week Two

    10. Paul and Gina: Week Two

    When Gina offers Paul a suggestion, he defends himself by pointing out Gina's past.

    29m 11s

  • Laura: Week Three

    11. Laura: Week Three

    Paul questions the effectiveness of her sessions when Laura shows up late.

    25m 21s

  • Alex: Week Three

    12. Alex: Week Three

    Alex relays surprising news about an encounter with another patient; Paul explores the similarities between Alex and his father.

    28m 3s

  • Sophie: Week Three

    13. Sophie: Week Three

    Paul probes the circumstances surrounding the breakup of Sophie's parents and her relationship with her coach.

    29m 33s

  • Jake and Amy: Week Three

    14. Jake and Amy: Week Three

    Jake becomes suspicious when Amy examines her reaction to the miscarriage.

    23m 18s

  • Paul and Gina: Week Three

    15. Paul and Gina: Week Three

    Gina tries to get to the root of Paul's connection to Laura and the recent flirtation Kate.

    29m 29s

  • Laura: Week Four

    16. Laura: Week Four

    Laura talks to Paul about her budding relationship with Alex.

    24m 25s

  • Alex: Week Four

    17. Alex: Week Four

    Alex describes his recent encounter with Laura and questions the effectiveness of therapy.

    27m 40s

  • Sophie: Week Four

    18. Sophie: Week Four

    Exhausted from staying awake all night, Sophie details the events leading up to her accident.

    24m 48s

  • Jake and Amy: Week Four

    19. Jake and Amy: Week Four

    Paul explores the issues that have fueled Jake and Amy's volatile relationship.

    24m 37s

  • Paul and Gina: Week Four

    20. Paul and Gina: Week Four

    When Paul and Gina debate the boundaries between therapists and patients, an old wound resurfaces.

    26m 45s

  • Laura: Week Five

    21. Laura: Week Five

    A close call at the hospital triggers unexpected revelations from Laura.

    26m 1s

  • Alex: Week Five

    22. Alex: Week Five

    Alex's intimate knowledge of the therapist's private life pushes Paul to the brink.

    26m 12s

  • Sophie: Week Five

    23. Sophie: Week Five

    When Sophie's mother joins the therapy session, Paul is able to witness the hostility for himself.

    25m 52s

  • Jake and Amy: Week Five

    24. Jake and Amy: Week Five

    Amy makes a critical decision, while Jake has an emotional admission.

    22m 42s

  • Paul and Gina: Week Five

    25. Paul and Gina: Week Five

    Kate joins Paul in therapy for the first time, where they examine the disintegration of their marriage.

    29m 32s

  • Laura: Week Six

    26. Laura: Week Six

    Paul uses an example from his childhood to make a point to Laura about fantasy and reality.

    23m 4s

  • Alex: Week Six

    27. Alex: Week Six

    Paul tries to decipher the meaning of one of Alex's recent dreams.

    28m 12s

  • Sophie: Week Six

    28. Sophie: Week Six

    Paul tries to get Sophie to confront her hidden anger toward her father.

    25m 12s

  • Jake and Amy: Week Six

    29. Jake and Amy: Week Six

    Paul warns Amy when she considers rejecting the new and improved Jake.

    24m 4s

  • Paul and Gina: Week Six

    30. Paul and Gina: Week Six

    Paul and Kate's concerns about Rosie lead to a heated exchange about Kate's role in Paul's life.

    24m 15s

  • Laura: Week Seven

    31. Laura: Week Seven

    Laura's absence gives Paul an opportunity to connect with Rosie and Ian.

    24m 5s

  • Alex: Week Seven

    32. Alex: Week Seven

    Alex insists that he is prepared for the commitment and structure that his marriage and career offer him.

    25m 32s

  • Sophie: Week Seven

    33. Sophie: Week Seven

    Sophie tries to convince Paul that she and her father share a unique relationship; Sophie sees Paul as a threat in her dreams.

    25m 39s

  • Jake and Amy: Week Seven

    34. Jake and Amy: Week Seven

    Amy surprises Jake with a revelation connected to her father's death.

    24m 46s

  • Paul and Gina: Week Seven

    35. Paul and Gina: Week Seven

    Kate and Rosie's secrets agitate Paul; Gina's therapy exercise proves helpful.

    28m 48s

  • Laura: Week Eight

    36. Laura: Week Eight

    A tragedy takes Paul away from the office, where a case of mistaken identity gets him into trouble.

    21m 10s

  • Alex: Week Eight

    37. Alex: Week Eight

    Paul meets with the Mr. Prince, Alex's father to defend the merits of psychotheraphy.

    28m 21s

  • Sophie: Week Eight

    38. Sophie: Week Eight

    Paul tries to get Sophie to stop blaming herself for her parents' mistakes.

    27m 39s

  • Jake and Amy: Week Eight

    39. Jake and Amy: Week Eight

    A trip to his parents' home links Jake's problems with Amy to those with his father.

    25m 32s

  • Paul and Gina: Week Eight

    40. Paul and Gina: Week Eight

    Paul's lament about the value of therapy gives way to a surprising revelation from Gina.

    27m 4s

  • Sophie: Week Nine

    41. Sophie: Week Nine

    Sophie comes to terms with her father's accountability and asserts her own independence.

    28m 2s

  • Jake and Amy: Week Nine

    42. Jake and Amy: Week Nine

    Jake and Amy come to a resolution; Paul warns how decisions can affect their future.

    22m 46s

  • Paul and Gina: Week Nine

    43. Paul and Gina: Week Nine

    Paul must face the consequences of his romantic pursuit of Laura.

    24m 23s