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Jade Fever

Jade Fever

1 Season
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It’s never been a more crucial season for the Bunces, Alan and crew. They need to find better quality jade to keep the Chinese investors stoked…and fill their new Beijing store. So this year, they are doubling and tripling down. In addition to opening up new sites on their huge Wolverine claim, they decide to re-open Dynasty mine, the site of some promising cores from their drill program two years ago. With mining ramping up now on at least three fronts, things are going to be hopping. This could be THE year. But as usual, the curse of the jade has a way of crumbling even the greenest of dreams.

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  • Jade Fever

    1. Jade Fever

    Bickering breaks out as jade drill holes come up empty, threatening to derail the whole mining season.

    22m 21s

  • Got A Rope

    2. Got A Rope

    Claudia, Robin and the crew scramble to get their heavy equipment up a mountain before rising rivers make it impossible to get there.

    22m 22s

  • The Long March

    3. The Long March

    Tensions flare as the crew struggles to get heavy equipment up a muddy, boulder-strewn 120-kilometre trail to set up a new jade mine.

    22m 22s

  • Slippery Slope

    4. Slippery Slope

    The crew tries to get their machinery across surging rivers to set up their new mountaintop jade mine.

    22m 22s

  • Hide And Seek

    5. Hide And Seek

    Alan is convinced there's jade under a pit full of water on their Dynasty claim; Josh's mechanical skills are tested.

    22m 24s

  • No Jade Until Blood Is Spilled

    6. No Jade Until Blood Is Spilled

    Robin tries to defy the laws of physics to get a massive new bunkhouse to their Wolverine claim; a serious accident shocks Jade City.

    22m 21s

  • The Curse of The Jade

    7. The Curse of The Jade

    A string of bad luck dogs the Jade City crew and everyone comes up with unique solutions to chase away the demons.

    22m 23s

  • Rude Awakening

    8. Rude Awakening

    Everyone gets excited as they finally start digging up promising green boulders that the crew thinks are worth millions.

    22m 22s

  • Company's Coming

    9. Company's Coming

    Tensions boil over as the overseas investors drop by unexpectedly to check up on work at the Wolverine mining site.

    22m 23s

  • Out of Bounds

    10. Out of Bounds

    After finally uncovering some promising boulders at the Wolverine mine, the crew discovers they may have breached their claim lines.

    22m 21s

  • Down To The Wire

    11. Down To The Wire

    Tension mounts as the end of mining season nears and the Jade City crew grows anxious to find that elusive million-dollar boulder.

    22m 22s

  • It's Not Easy Finding Green

    12. It's Not Easy Finding Green

    Subzero temperatures challenge the Jade City miners rushing to hit the jackpot: a jade boulder big enough to impress the investors.

    22m 21s