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Just for Laughs: All Access

Just for Laughs: All Access

6 Seasons
L, M
Just For Laughs: All Access is an exclusive stand-up series that features the biggest names from around the world. From the stages of Montreal’s grand Place des Arts and gritty Club Soda, Just For Laughs brings you the very best in stand-up today.


  • Joel McHale

    1. Joel McHale

    Joel McHale, Jack McBrayer, Mario Cantone, Ryan Hamilton, Pete Holmes, Gina Yahsere and Dave Hemstad.

    42m 50s

  • Bill Hader

    2. Bill Hader

    Bill Hader, Nile Séguin, Todd Barry, Sebastian Manisclaco, Maz Jobrani, Neal Brennan, and Jeremy Hotz.

    43m 9s

  • Key & Peele

    3. Key & Peele

    Jason Jones, Bill Hader, Tommy Johnagin, Stephen K. Amos and Dave Gorman, Sean Cullen, Key & Peele.

    43m 29s

  • Darrin Rose

    4. Darrin Rose

    Darrin Rose, Bill Hader, Paul F. Tompkins, Tommy Tiernan, Jessica Kirson, Nathan Macintosh, Jeremy Hotz.

    44m 37s

  • Jason Jones

    5. Jason Jones

    Jason Jones, Jeremy Hotz, Lynne Koplitz, Dave Hughes, Dan Soder, Tom Segura, Greg Behrendt, Emma Hunter.

    44m 24s

  • Tommy Tiernan

    6. Tommy Tiernan

    John Pinette, Caroline Rhea, Ryan Belleville, Godfrey, Al Pitcher, Fraser Young, and Tommy Tiernan.

    43m 49s

  • Chris D'Elia

    7. Chris D'Elia

    Joel McHale, Jack McBrayer, Jay Pharoah, Chris D’Elia, Josh Howie, Derek Edwards, Darcy Michael, and Wayne Brady.

    44m 39s

  • Debra DiGiovanni

    8. Debra DiGiovanni

    Deb DiGiovanni, Bill Hader, Mike Birbiglia, Mark Little, Rob Rouse, Dave Merheje, and Tom Papa.

    43m 50s

  • Mark Forward

    9. Mark Forward

    Jack McBrayer, Keith Farnan, Mo Mandel, Mark Forward, Pete Johansson, Justin Willman, and Danny Bhoyl.

    42m 10s

  • The Muppets

    10. The Muppets

    Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and the rest of your favourite Muppets host a night of star-studded comedy.

    1h 6m 2s

  • John Pinette

    11. John Pinette

    Erik Griffin, John Pinette, Orny Adams, John Heffron, Brendon Walsh, Stewart Francis, and Tim Rabnett.

    44m 0s

  • Jeremy Hotz

    12. Jeremy Hotz

    Bill Hader, Graham Chittenden, DeAnne Smith, Ian Edwards, Todd Glass, Tim Nutt, and Jeremy Hotz.

    43m 34s

  • Jack McBrayer

    13. Jack McBrayer

    Jack McBrayer, Terry Alderton, Melissa Villaseñor, Moshe Kasher, Greg Morton, Jay Malone, Andy Kindler, and Bobby Slayton.

    43m 30s