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Jeff, aka Mr. Pickles, is an icon of children's television, a beacon of kindness and wisdom to America's impressionable young minds; when his family begins to implode, Jeff finds that no fairy tale, fable or puppet can guide him through the crisis.
Drama, Comedy

  • 14+
  • Language
  • Nudity
  • Mature Themes
New Season Feb 9


  • Green Means Go

    1. Green Means Go

    Jeff Pickles wants to talk about death on his show.

    32m 19s

  • Pusillanimous

    2. Pusillanimous

    Jeff makes a decision that could affect the show's future.

    29m 33s

  • Every Pain Needs a Name

    3. Every Pain Needs a Name

    Jeff tries to fix his heartbreak. Deirdre deals with her daughter’s developing condition.

    28m 32s

  • Bye, Mom

    4. Bye, Mom

    Jeff deals with a one-night stand. Jill learns that Jeff has been sending money to someone behind her back and confronts him.

    28m 38s

  • The New You

    5. The New You

    Jeff decides to step out of his comfort zone.

    29m 29s

  • The Cookie

    6. The Cookie

    Will tries to honor his brother in a unique way.

    29m 6s

  • Kintsugi

    7. Kintsugi

    Jeff goes off script and starts to speak more honestly to children on Puppet Time.

    29m 41s

  • Philliam

    8. Philliam

    Jeff meets the son of his pen pal, an inmate on death row, and decides to help him.

    29m 59s

  • Lt. Pickles

    9. Lt. Pickles

    Jeff wonders if he’s having a breakdown or a breakthrough.

    25m 36s

  • Some Day

    10. Some Day

    Everyone in Jeff’s life deals with the results of the speech Jeff made on national television.

    27m 29s

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Kidding Season 1 Trailer

Kidding Season 1 Trailer

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