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2 Seasons
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Summoned to the forgotten world of the Magi, young Tony Jones (known as the "Final Dreamer") awakens with magical powers in a new mystical land 3000 years old. With the help of two heroes in training, Edyn and Strag, Tony seeks to protect the Moonlands of Magi-Nation from the forces that want to destroy it. Tony and his helpers must stop evil Shadow Magi Agram from escaping from inside the planet's core and bringing the Moonlands under their control. The new friends must solve riddles, battle evil and discover hidden secrets in each region of the Moonlands.
Animation, Adventure, Fantasy

  • G


  • Final Dreamer

    1. Final Dreamer

    Tony is transported to the Moonlands to protect it from the villainous Shadow Magi.

    22m 10s

  • Return to Vash Naroom

    2. Return to Vash Naroom

    Agram uses powers of influence to cloud Tony's mind and make him think his new friends are enemies.

    22m 10s

  • Kybar's Teeth

    3. Kybar's Teeth

    Tony learns more about his dream creature; Edyn and Strag help Tony battle a Shadow Magi.

    22m 10s

  • Fire and Ice

    4. Fire and Ice

    Tony, Eden and Strag work to save their mentor and prevent the destruction of the Moonlands.

    22m 10s

  • Blight

    5. Blight

    A Weave Emissary needs help battling a Shadow Magi who has unleashed a blight on a jungle realm.

    22m 10s

  • Enemy in the Sands

    6. Enemy in the Sands

    Tony, Edyn and Strag find themselves trapped in a desert.

    22m 10s

  • First Geyser

    7. First Geyser

    Orwin accompanies Tony and Strag on a mission to save Edyn.

    22m 10s

  • Arena Night

    8. Arena Night

    Strag must battle a former friend in order to find the Underneath Dreamstone.

    22m 10s

  • The Shadow You Know

    9. The Shadow You Know

    Strag tries to help an old friend who was transformed into a Shadow Magi.

    22m 10s

  • Cloud Cover

    10. Cloud Cover

    Tony, Edyn and Strag uncover a sinister plot.

    22m 11s

  • The Depths of Courage

    11. The Depths of Courage

    While searching the Deeps of Orothe, Tony makes a discovery about his grandfather.

    22m 10s

  • Fiery Betrayal

    12. Fiery Betrayal

    Tony has a vision in which one of his friends is revealed to be a traitor.

    22m 10s

  • Eyes of Agram

    13. Eyes of Agram

    Tony, Edyn and Strag face a trial to rescue Orwin and try to stop Agram from escaping the Core.

    22m 10s

  • The Precious Haz-Mai

    14. The Precious Haz-Mai

    Tony, Strag and Edyn have a hard time persuading the citizens of Weave to give up their Dreamstone.

    22m 10s

  • The Forum of Elders

    15. The Forum of Elders

    Tony, Strag and Edyn must go through a series of challenges to get the Book of Elders back.

    22m 10s

  • Magi Undercover

    16. Magi Undercover

    Tony, Strag and Edyn go under cover as they search for the Dreamstone.

    22m 10s

  • Frozen Fortress

    17. Frozen Fortress

    A relic-obsessed shadow magi imprisons the heroes in a Narian ice fortress.

    22m 10s

  • The Secret Chamber

    18. The Secret Chamber

    Tony, Strag and Edyn try to stop a Doomsday device from being used.

    22m 10s

  • Beware of the Realm Raiders

    19. Beware of the Realm Raiders

    The gang discovers the Orothe Dreamstone was left unprotected.

    22m 10s

  • Earth to Tony

    20. Earth to Tony

    Tony learns about his grandfather in the Moonlands; Edyn and Strag battle enemies.

    22m 10s

  • The Preserver

    21. The Preserver

    Strag is captured by a well-meaning but misguided weave architect.

    22m 10s

  • Brave New Realm

    22. Brave New Realm

    The heroes go to an island controlled by Korg and Zed.

    22m 10s

  • Voyage to the Dream Plane

    23. Voyage to the Dream Plane

    The gang must stop Agram's scheme that could turn all Dream Creatures into Shadow Creatures.

    22m 10s

  • The Ultimate Dream Creature

    24. The Ultimate Dream Creature

    Edyn, Tony and Strag face a deadly shadow magi creature hunter.

    22m 10s

  • Fate of the Moonlands

    25. Fate of the Moonlands

    Agram reveals that he has the secret Core Dreamstone.

    22m 10s

  • Day of Destiny

    26. Day of Destiny

    Agram and the Final Dreamers fight for control of the Moonlands.

    22m 10s