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My Brilliant Friend

My Brilliant Friend

1 Season
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After learning that her lifelong friend, Lila Cerullo, has disappeared without a trace, writer Elena Greco recalls their tempestuous friendship in a dangerous and fascinating Naples, Italy.

  • 14+
  • Violence
  • Language
  • Mature Themes


  • Le Bambole (The Dolls)

    1. Le Bambole (The Dolls)

    The disappearance of her old friend, Lila Cerrullo, causes Elena Greco to look back on the early days of their friendship in Naples.

    56m 4s

  • I Soldi (The Money)

    2. I Soldi (The Money)

    Elena and Lila fight to continue their education, and a death changes things in the neighborhood forever.

    1h 2m 57s

  • Le Metamorfosi (The Metamorphoses)

    3. Le Metamorfosi (The Metamorphoses)

    Now teenagers, Elena and Lila struggle to connect as their futures diverge and young men demand their attention.

    1h 0m 0s

  • Le Smarginatura (Dissolving Margins)

    4. Le Smarginatura (Dissolving Margins)

    Elena enters high school as Lila ignores her many suitors; a promising New Year’s Eve takes a dark turn.

    52m 22s

  • Le Scarpe (The Shoes)

    5. Le Scarpe (The Shoes)

    Elena grows tired of Gino, while Lila rejects two potential suitors at a cost. A rare outing into the city turns violent.

    55m 2s

  • L'isola (The Island)

    6. L'isola (The Island)

    On the day of Elena's 15th birthday, an unexpected encounter leaves her shaken.

    58m 50s

  • I Fidanzati (The Fiances)

    7. I Fidanzati (The Fiances)

    Lila takes up with Stefano, despite the presence of Marcello; Elena encourages a suitor and rebuffs another.

    59m 51s

  • La Promessa (The Promise)

    8. La Promessa (The Promise)

    Lila approaches a milestone; Elena prepares to see her name in print for the first time.

    1h 0m 41s