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One Child

One Child

V, S, M
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Adopted Mei returns to China and finds herself leading a fight for justice for a family she is only just coming to know, in a country she is only just beginning to understand.


  • One Child, Part 1

    1. One Child, Part 1

    Born in China and living with adoptive parents in London, Mei gets a message that her birth family needs her help.

    43m 35s

  • One Child, Part 2

    2. One Child, Part 2

    Mei is warned by the British Consul not to associate with Pan Qiyani and the Citizen's Justice campaign group.

    44m 56s

  • One Child, Part 3

    3. One Child, Part 3

    Mei poses as a prostitute to blackmail the witnesses into changing their stories.

    42m 56s

  • One Child, Part 4

    4. One Child, Part 4

    As her foster parents arrive, Mei has one last chance to get justice with an outcome that will affect the rest of her life.

    43m 34s