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1 Season
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DCI Gabriel Markham hunts for the serial killer who left him physically and mentally scarred; the story begins with the capture of the killer, and reverses to the very beginning of the murderer's spree.

  • 14+
  • Violence
  • Language
  • Nudity
  • Mature Themes


  • Go Back

    1. Go Back

    DCI Gabriel Markham's life becomes intrinsically bound to that of a suspected serial killer.

    59m 19s

  • Scarred

    2. Scarred

    Gabriel comes face to face with the prime suspect in the serial murders.

    58m 20s

  • The Lies We Tell

    3. The Lies We Tell

    Gabriel deals with the discovery of another possible victim of the acid-attack serial killer.

    59m 20s

  • Before

    4. Before

    With pressure mounting from all sides, the killer's sights turn towards Gabriel.

    59m 14s

  • Order and Chaos

    5. Order and Chaos

    As the investigation gets a helping hand, the story of the acid murderer's first victim is revealed.

    59m 55s

  • Radium Came

    6. Radium Came

    Following Gabriel's discovery of a piece of evidence, the hunt is on to track down the killer.

    58m 42s