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Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero

Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero

1 Season
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Take a look at the massive effort put into reshaping ground zero into an expansive 16-acre complex, the likes of which has never been seen before, from executive producer Steven Spielberg.

  • PG


  • Reclaiming the Skyline, Part 1

    1. Reclaiming the Skyline, Part 1

    The new World Trade Center, which will rise 1,776 ft, will embody America's physical response to the 9/11 attacks.

    33m 43s

  • Reclaiming the Skyline, Part 2

    2. Reclaiming the Skyline, Part 2

    About to reach the 1000 ft mark, the tower is effectively reclaiming the New York City skyline.

    43m 42s

  • A Gateway to New York

    3. A Gateway to New York

    The story behind what will eclipse Grand Central as New York's iconic transportation hub.

    43m 34s

  • A New City

    4. A New City

    Focusing on the survivors; those who did not flee in the wake of disaster. Instead, they remained on the scene to rebuild and repair.

    43m 37s

  • Stories from the Pile

    5. Stories from the Pile

    Steven Spielberg presents the National 9/11 museum, which will use physical remnants of the tragedy, to tell the story of the darkest day.

    43m 37s

  • A Place to Mourn

    6. A Place to Mourn

    A new memorial commemorating the names of the thousands lost will be unveiled so families will have a proper place to mourn.

    43m 38s