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Sabrina's Secret Life

Sabrina's Secret Life

1 Season
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Sabrina enrolls in secret witchcraft training classes while attending her normal high school, but discovers she must share her clandestine instruction and her regular school with Portia, a snooty young witch from the “other side”. Thus the stage is set for magical mayhem in the craziest, weirdest, most mixed-up world of all: high school.
Kids, Fantasy

  • C8


  • At the Hop

    1. At the Hop

    Both Sabrina and Cassandra want to ask Harvey to the school dance, but Maritza asks instead for Sabrina.

    21m 13s

  • School Spirit

    2. School Spirit

    Sabrina is determined to become "the best" by beating Cassandra in the school fund-raiser.

    21m 13s

  • I'm a Slave for Who?

    3. I'm a Slave for Who?

    Sabrina puts a spell on Harvey so that he would devote all of his time to her.

    21m 14s

  • Putting Off

    4. Putting Off

    Sabrina leaves her class report on Attila the Hun to the last minute and struggles to find information on him.

    21m 13s

  • Just a Rumor

    5. Just a Rumor

    Cassandra starts spreading rumours about Harvey and Sabrina around the school.

    21m 13s

  • Green Eyed Monster

    6. Green Eyed Monster

    Cassandra fakes an arm injury so that Harvey would spend more time with her making Sabrina jealous.

    21m 13s

  • Lather, Rinse, Repent

    7. Lather, Rinse, Repent

    Sabrina uses a magic hair lotion that makes her hair smooth, silky, and curly; the whole school turns into werewolves after using it.

    21m 13s

  • J'achoo

    8. J'achoo

    Sabrina gets the highly contagious "Gargoyle Flu", and refuses to take Salem and her aunt's advice to stay in bed until she is fully cured.

    21m 13s

  • Living Her Dreams

    9. Living Her Dreams

    Sabrina delays upgrading her broomstick for Witch School to go to "Dreamland" (in the Netherworld) instead.

    21m 14s

  • Teacher's Pet

    10. Teacher's Pet

    Salem becomes Sabrina and Cassandra's History of witch teacher. Sabrina takes advantage of her class, and fails to study.

    21m 13s

  • Pet Peeve

    11. Pet Peeve

    Cassandra ruins Sabrina's spell in Witch School. With the spell comes a 'hamster' who is wanted by the Netherworld Detectives

    21m 13s

  • Half There

    12. Half There

    Both Sabrina and Cassandra want to try out for the part of Ophelia in the school play "Hamlet", since Harvey is going to be the lead.

    21m 13s

  • Matchmaker Sabrina

    13. Matchmaker Sabrina

    Sabrina tries to make Mr. Snipe fall in love with Ms. Magrooney using a spell she found.

    21m 13s

  • Sabrina: Part Two

    14. Sabrina: Part Two

    Sabrina and Cassandra conjure up Doppelgänger's of themselves so that they can attend Witch School and Harvey's party at the same time.

    21m 13s

  • Spell-ing Bee

    15. Spell-ing Bee

    Sabrina decides on using the spell that her aunts used when they were in the Spelling Bee.

    21m 13s

  • Best of Show

    16. Best of Show

    When Cassandra gets an A+ on her story, and Sabrina an A-, she is furious and determined to beat Cassandra at something.

    21m 13s

  • Food 'Tude

    17. Food 'Tude

    Salem uses a spell on Sabrina's clothes to get them quickly washed and dried (after he slept on them), it accidentally shrinks her jeans.

    21m 13s

  • Baby Makes Three

    18. Baby Makes Three

    Hilda and Zelda are off to the "Netherworld Beauty Spa" and Sabrina hosts a secret party at her house.

    21m 13s

  • Hot Item

    19. Hot Item

    Sabrina and Cassandra take a trip to the Netherworld with Ms. Magrooney to learn about the history of magical creatures.

    21m 13s

  • What's in a Name?

    20. What's in a Name?

    Sabrina and Cassandra are on a mission to find the rarest herb known to witches: "Salviar Mascaria."

    21m 13s

  • Greendale Idol

    21. Greendale Idol

    Sabrina and Maritza are excited when they find out that "Teen Talent Quest" is holding a talent competition in Greendale.

    21m 13s

  • Time Flies

    22. Time Flies

    Sabrina makes promises she can't keep.

    21m 13s

  • Here's Looking at You

    23. Here's Looking at You

    After promising Maritza she would help her with her class volcano, Sabrina gets late for Witch School.

    21m 14s

  • Cat Man Do

    24. Cat Man Do

    After Salem sees "Talk Talk" in the newspaper, Sabrina turns him into a handsome young witch as a disguise.

    21m 13s

  • Witchycology

    25. Witchycology

    Sabrina and Maritza organize a charity event to prevent pollution and littering but things get toxic.

    21m 13s

  • Midsummer's Nightmare

    26. Midsummer's Nightmare

    Sabrina and Cassandra audition for the role of in the school play, but Puck show's up to cause trouble!

    21m 13s