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Saving Hope

Saving Hope

3 Seasons
S, M
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After waking up from a coma, former Chief of Surgery Charlie Harris struggles with a secret that could jeopardize his career and his relationship with fiancée Dr. Alex Reid: he can still see and communicate with ghosts.


  • Heaven Can Wait

    1. Heaven Can Wait

    Alex has a profound experience in the liminal space, while a desperate Charlie and his ex race against the clock to save her life.

    43m 47s

  • Kiss Me Goodbye

    2. Kiss Me Goodbye

    With her body still in a coma, spirit form Alex shares an emotional journey with Charlie. Meanwhile, Joel forms a bond with a drug addict.

    43m 46s

  • Awakenings

    3. Awakenings

    Alex struggles with her memory until a crisis at the hospital reminds her of who she truly is.

    43m 45s

  • Stand By Me

    4. Stand By Me

    Alex is introduced to her “buddy colleague” on her first day back and Joel gets involved in a deadly situation at a local street clinic.

    43m 44s

  • Breaking Away

    5. Breaking Away

    After a car accident, Alex and Joel determine a mother needs a transplant but her son is adamant that he be involved in the surgery.

    43m 46s

  • Joel 2:31

    6. Joel 2:31

    A 'blood moon' gives the ER its busiest night of the year and also delivers a mystery to Alex, Maggie, and Joel.

    43m 47s

  • The Way We Were

    7. The Way We Were

    Shahir and Alex try to save the memory of a young woman suffering from Alzheimer’s with a radical surgery.

    43m 47s

  • The Heartbreak Kid

    8. The Heartbreak Kid

    Alex and Charlie try to find their rhythm while teaming up on a teenage girl’s double-surgery. Joel spends the day working at the clinic.

    43m 50s

  • The Other Side Of Midnight

    9. The Other Side Of Midnight

    Alex and Joel’s relationship is tested during a marathon surgery of an injured race car driver; Charlie’s day off is full of surprises.

    43m 48s

  • Days Of Heaven

    10. Days Of Heaven

    A neurosurgeon and author visits the hospital and tries to entice Alex with an offer, while she tries to save the life of one his patients.

    43m 46s

  • The Parent Trap

    11. The Parent Trap

    Charlie plays referee while treating two aggressive female MMA fighters, while Alex plays ref to a spat between Dana and Molly.

    43m 46s

  • Hearts Of Glass

    12. Hearts Of Glass

    Alex and Dawn struggle when two patients on the transplant list need the same heart; the impending boards puts pressure on Maggie.

    43m 49s

  • Narrow Margin

    13. Narrow Margin

    Alex goes for a hike in the woods, but can’t get away from medicine when she finds a trapped teenager in a dire situation.

    43m 50s

  • Trading Places

    14. Trading Places

    Alex and Maggie are faced with an intricate procedure to save a woman’s child when she and her partner refuse to be seen by Dr. Sydney.

    43m 43s

  • Remains of the Day

    15. Remains of the Day

    Alex wrangles the team in a high-bid effort to diagnose the mysterious illness that haunts a beloved English teacher.

    38m 21s

  • A Simple Plan

    16. A Simple Plan

    Alex and Charlie work to save the life of a man on the run; a spirit won’t leave Alex alone, and Charlie is intent to find out why.

    43m 39s

  • Fearless

    17. Fearless

    Alex and Dana work to save the life of a single mother who’s used to calling the shots in her daughters’ lives.

    43m 47s

  • All the Pretty Horses

    18. All the Pretty Horses

    Joel and Zach find themselves in a precarious situation at an offsite army base; Alex, Maggie and Rian write their Surgical Boards.

    43m 41s