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Johnny Galecki, best known for his portrayal of socially awkward physicist Leonard Hofstadter on "The Big Bang Theory," uses actual science to perform outrageous stunts and practical jokes as host of "SciJinks." Joined by partners in "prankology" Tamara Robertson and Jason Latimer, Galecki draws from chemistry, physics, technology, engineering and more to test out science on unsuspecting marks. The pranks not only contain mind-blowing science, but also a heaping dose of chaos, fun and humor. The goal, Galecki says, is to celebrate students who envision a career in a science field and inspire other youngsters to follow in their footsteps.
Reality, Science

  • PG


  • Mind Over Metal

    1. Mind Over Metal

    When mind-controlled cars go rogue; how a simple recipe can turn into a kitchen nightmare.

    21m 9s

  • Brewed Awakening

    2. Brewed Awakening

    Using drones for high-stakes mischief and finding out what happens when beer-making goes wrong.

    21m 9s

  • Chemical Overreaction

    3. Chemical Overreaction

    A chemical emergency; what happens when mind control goes wrong.

    21m 17s

  • Eel of Fortune

    4. Eel of Fortune

    What happens when a 3D printer makes a permanent mistake; how simple chemistry can cause mischief.

    21m 9s

  • Art of Destruction

    5. Art of Destruction

    What happens when art turns dangerous; how a feedback device can mess with minds.

    21m 9s

  • Octopocalypse

    6. Octopocalypse

    Finding out what happens when sushi comes alive; livening up a birthday party.

    21m 9s

  • Gone Phishing

    7. Gone Phishing

    What happens when phone hacking goes wrong and discovering how to turn a lemon sweet.

    21m 9s

  • Crash Course Catastrophe

    8. Crash Course Catastrophe

    Johnny Galecki attempts to break a world record and discover the power of liquid resistance.

    21m 9s